Ways to Form An Attachment with an Adopted Child

Every child who is born in this world has the right to live a healthy and fruitful life but sadly, not all children are brought in this world with parents who are happy to take care of them. Some children are left behind in orphanages because their parents do not have enough means to care for them. There are also some children who get separated from their parents for different reasons.

You are a person who has a good heart and you would like to give a child the chance to live a great life. Adopting a child is not easy. If you are going to adopt a baby or a small child, you need to explain that even though you are not the real mother/father, you love the child with all your heart. This way, the child will be well rounded and will not question the difference of your relationship with the relationship of other children with their biological parents.

Ways to Form An Attachment with an Adopted Child

If you are going to adopt a child who already knows that you are not his/her real parent, being attached can be harder. The child may have some trust issues because of being left behind and you have to prove that you would not do what the child’s parents did. There are different things that you can do so that you can become bonded with your adoptive child:

  1. Make sure that you will talk and communicate actively with the adoptive child. No matter how young or how old the adopted child is, talking will make a lot of difference. You also have to make everything clear. Come into the child’s room in the morning to wake him/her up and make sure to say a greeting with a smile. It will make a lot of difference.
  2. You need to remember that the behaviour of the child should not be taken personally. It will be hard for the child to adjust to his/her new life. You cannot expect the child to be like an item that you have purchased that you can easily use once you receive it. The child has to make some changes that may be scary because of his/her age.
  3. Be sensitive about the child’s feelings. Perhaps you know that purchasing material things is not the proper way in order to get attached to your adopted child but it can make talking easier. Before buying anything though, check out reviews of the items. You can check out more of the reviews when you go online.
  4. Make eye contact with your child. This is one way by which a child will know if you are sincere about caring for him/her or not. If you make the effort to make eye contact, the child will realize that you are making your best effort to love and care for him/her.

You need to be patient in forming a relationship with an adopted child. It may not be easy but if you are determined to show that you love and affectionate, it will pay off in the end.