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Weird scholarships for troubled high school seniors

We all know how challenging it can be to go to university, especially if we are talking about troubled seniors. When we mention “troubled seniors” we are not necessarily saying that the students are bad, we are also saying that they might be put under certain conditions that make it rather difficult to find a good opportunity in the world. As it is quite hard to get a scholarship nowadays, we have gathered useful and accurate information on the best scholarships for troubled seniors. Keep on reading and find out more!

The Weirdest fact is that students do not need to go through any tests!!! Keep on reading and know more!

Dell Scholars Program (The value is quite high! This is quite uncommon!)

The Dell Scholars Program is the perfect opportunity for students who are at risk. When we mention risk we refer to students who might be part of an ethnic minority, students with disabilities, students that migrated and have low income, students with issues with drugs and alcohol or even students that had issues with the police. This program allows these students to get as much as $20.000 dollars that will be used throughout college. Read more at

Idaho Minority/ At Risk Scholarship (Easy to get!)

This state based scholarship is the perfect opportunity for students who are looking for a great opportunity to have a brighter future. Idaho students that plan to study at any state college or university are more than welcome to apply. These students must prove that they are a minority or even that they do not have financial opportunities to go to college. You can read more information at

College Scholarship for Homeless Youth (Weird, what homeless student goes to school?)

Sponsored by National Clearing House on Families & Youth, the Give US Your Poor Foundation, and the Horatio Alger Association, this scholarship is aimed at students who do not have a home or that live in terrible conditions. Former homeless or even people who are at risk can apply. There is a chance for high school seniors to get scholarship values that vary from $2500 to $20.000 dollars. Know more at the official website

Winners for Life Foundation (How will students that do not have support from the family even study? Weird!!!)

Weird scholarships for troubled high school seniors

The Winners for Life Foundation is more than happy to help students that are under risk. High school seniors who do not have privileges or even that suffer any kind of prejudice are more than welcome to apply for a scholarship. Every year several different students who deserve are awarded scholarship values. This is an excellent opportunity for students who do not have the support from family or even the money to get their post-secondary education. Students who would like to know more about this great opportunity should let their school know, that way both student and school could contact the Foundation and sort things out. Read more at the official webpage at

Find extra options!

If you would like to find some extra options then make sure you go online right now and take a look at the following site This site is an excellent source for those who have been looking for scholarships! Enjoy and get the right scholarship for you! Good luck with your weird scholarships and become a better person!!!…

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