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Tips to Help You Drink More Water in College

If we’re being honest, college students are better known for the amounts of alcohol they ingest rather than the water. The sadder truth, is that soda is a more popular drink, in the United States, than water. And, we all know that neither soda nor alcohol has much to offer you. There are a ton of calories and lots of sugar in them both. So, that’s why we decided it would be a good idea to give you some tips to help you drink more water in college.

One of the big issues with drinking more water is finding water that is truly good for you. Unfortunately, the water that comes out of our faucets and the water fountains at school is probably heavily laden with purification based chemicals. Therefore, it would behoove you to learn a little bit about the best reverse osmosis systems. That way you can be certain that you are drinking water without all the additional chemicals added by the treatment plants that provide the water in your dorms.

Ideas to Help You Drink More H2O

Water is better for you than you realize. There are aspects of drinking water that you probably never considered. Therefore, we want to put those thoughts in front of you prior to telling you how to drink more water. Here are some great reasons to add a higher dosage of H2O to your daily consumption:

  • Water can help you control the amount of calories you ingest by making you feel full.
  • Since your body is already 60% water, drinking water helps you maintain the proper balance of fluids within.
  • Sweating will deplete your body of water and thereby take that water from your muscles. Tired muscles will make riding/walking to class particularly challenging and water can give them the boost of energy they need to help you get there.
  • You are in college and looking good is the key to acquiring some initial levels of attraction. Water can keep your skin free and clear from those unwanted blemishes. Learn more.
  • Given the amounts of toxins in our food and the atmosphere, our kidneys are always working really hard to filter them out. Drinking more water will help your kidneys perform their jobs at optimal levels.
  • Lots of people develop irritable bowel issues in college. Drinking water will keep everything flowing properly through your gastrointestinal tract.

Now that you know why drinking water is more than important, here are some great ideas to help you drink more H2O:

  1. Before you eat a snack or meal, train yourself to drink a glass of water with it.
  2. Look into adding flavors to your water to help you drink more of it. Read this.
  3. Fruits and vegetables contain vast amounts of water, so eat more of them.
  4. Take water with you everywhere so that it is a reminder to drink it every time you get thirsty.
  5. Remember that water can help you keep your calories in check. So, replace your normal soda intake with water.

Water is essential to your body’s well-being. You need to drink as much as you can to ensure that your body is hydrated properly. College will require a lot out of you physically. Therefore, drink water to help your body fight illness and fatigue. And, if you need to learn more about water filtration systems, PurifierAdvisors is a great resource.…

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