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Four Unique and Creative Career Choices for Your Kids

The moment parents are asked about their kids’ career options when he/she grows up, most people answer with professions like doctor, lawyer, engineer, firefighter, teacher, et cetera. While these career choices are reasonable, parents often neglect their kid’s need by deciding their occupations beforehand.

Sometimes, parents see their children as a bridge towards their dreams and ambitions. Stop being one of those parents, because if you try to mold your kids into your aspiration, it would only make them resentful towards you. Your job as a parent is to shower your children with unconditional love and instill good values in them.

When it comes to thinking about a career for your kids, keep your dreams aside. Observe your child and notice what they enjoy doing the most. On that basis, you will be able to facilitate them more efficiently in their career choice. Try a few unique opportunities for your child’s future on for size:

Four Unique and Creative Career Choices for Your Kids

  • A Voice Actor: 

Meg Ryan, Michael Cera, J.K. Simmons, Vin Diesel, James Avery. What do these people have in common? Yes, they are all actors but what most of the people don’t know is before coming on-screen these people worked as voice actors.

If your child talks animatedly and loves doing the voices during bedtime readings, they might have the potential of being a good voice actor. Set aside their fairytales and get them books by authors like Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Enid Blyton. Ask them to impersonate different accents. For professional help, you can enroll them into voice over training and classes. It would blow your mind seeing how versatile your children can be.

  • Chef: 

Do your kids enjoy their time in the kitchen? Do they love to cook and know how to make things other than a PB&J sandwich? If yes then you might have a future Gordon Ramsay in your house. Try to polish your child’s culinary ability by buying them kid-friendly kitchen utensils. Teach them how to bake, cut, slice, and dice vegetables. Get them a cookbook of single serving recipes and help them work their way through it. Enroll them into local cooking competitions, because the more you support them, the better they will become at things they like to do.

  • Therapist: 

A therapist is an excellent career choice for your young one if they like to help other people. We are not talking about helping others make future decisions, but being more humane towards the needs of others. To become a therapist, you don’t require to be a doctor, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is enough. The fruits of this profession are plenty. The pay is good as you can work as an organizational psychologist and if you have a knack for art, then an art therapist is also an excellent career choice.

  • Video Game Designer:

It is a fantastic career option for kids who love playing video games and are interested in knowing the backend working of these games. Several people roll their eyes when they hear about video game designing and label it as an amateur career. However, a Video Game Designer is not just a high school dropout who knows how to operate Adobe Photoshop. This career demands complex skills which software developers and engineers possess.

Moreover, this career option is not just for boys. Carol Shaw, Amy Hemmings, and Bonnie Ross are few of the numerous notable female game developers working in this industry. So, if your son/daughter loves virtual fantasy and has a great imagination, they can work in the various aspects of video game developing from script writing to coding and programming.

Just let your kids be. Give a free reign over whatever career your child likes to pursue but make certain that they do love whatever they do.…

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