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Follow these Steps and Find Your Child a Humble and Trustworthy Nanny

Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. In their tender age, they are quite impressionable; they pick up bits and pieces of whatever appeals to them. These days with wide access to television, internet and radio it has become tougher for children to separate the good from the bad. And for their optimal development, it is required that they are looked after by someone warm, caring and humble in her ways. If you are a working parent, and it is tough for you to stay around your child all the time, that is when you need a nanny. Here are a few tips with which you can find yourself a nanny.

Follow these Steps and Find Your Child a Humble and Trustworthy Nanny

Identify your priorities

Make a list of everything that comes to your mind when you think of a nanny, and then talk to your partner about your views of an ideal nanny. You can also consult people with older children and ask what important attributes to look for in a nanny. After taking your personal requirements and other people’s suggestions of a nanny into account, then you can start interviewing your potential candidates based on your research.

First step to finding a nanny

Spread the word out that you are looking for a nanny. Seek help regarding the matter from friends and family; personal references are always welcome. Putting a notice in school newsletters and posting on various internet chat groups are two other ways you can use to aware candidates.

If you want to speed up the process of finding a nanny and also spare yourself all the hassle, then nanny placement agencies are what you are looking for. For a service charge, they can cut down about 40 hours of your effort in finding a nanny. The agency interviews the couples to learn about what they are looking for in a nanny, and then only those candidates are sent who match the requirements of the parents.

Background checking

When you have shortlisted the nannies that you like, you should do some official fact-checking. When you are talking to the references of a particular nanny ask them about the unpleasant sides of the nanny.  Also, ask them if they have background checked the nanny. Once you have come down to a certain nanny that you like, you need to run a background check and find out if she has a criminal record. For this, certain background check reviews will come handy.

Getting a nanny is a long term plan

Most of the times, parents have a tendency to focus on the baby’s most immediate needs. But as a parent, you should seek someone who grows up with your baby as he transcends from his crawling state to walking state to running state and so on. It should be something of a long-term plan. When making a decision about a nanny, think if she is right for not just the baby but the whole family.

After the official decision has been made, you now have to make an offer to the nanny that is appropriate for both of you. You can ask around your neighborhood what the other parents pay their nannies. After that you are required to make policies regarding the holidays, sick leaves and overtime and draw a contract out of it, it would be to everyone’s convenience if everything is put on the first page.

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