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Choosing The Right Lamp for Your Kids Room

The kind of lamp that you choose for your kid’s room has a big influence on the total outlook of the room and hence you have to know how to choose the right lamp. To choose the right lighting, you have to have an understanding on the basics of the art lighting, the theme of the room and the color scheme of the room They have to all be in synchrony in order to create the right ambience. Some of the things to keep in mind in choosing a lamp for your kid’s room include:

Choosing The Right Lamp for Your Kids Room

Size of the room

This is a very important essential to keep in mind so that you choose the right lam size that will match the room. If the lamp is too big according to the size of the room, then it will dominate the room which will spoil the décor of the room. The lamp should just be the right size to illuminate enough light to the room. One corner should not look brighter than the others.

Theme of the room

The kind of lamp that you choose should be in synchrony with the theme of the room. This can be I n terms of the textures, material and colors. If you don’t have a specific theme, you can go for a minimalist theme which looks simple and sophisticated. For kids rooms, most of the times, the lamp shades will be in bright colors and the color of choice in most cases will be influenced by the gender of the children in the room.

Bedside lamps

Most parents would not prefer to have bedside table lamps for kid’s rooms but again this depends on the kind of kids you have and their age. For the very young ones it may not be a very good idea but for the older ones it is absolutely fine. Good thing with a bedside table lamp is that it gives them the luxury of catching up with their favorite bedtime stories before dozing off. The size of the bedside lamp will also be influenced by the size of the room and its theme.

Ambience of a room

The lighting you choose should be able to create a good ambience. Believe it or not, ambience has a big influence on kids especially when they are young. You can do layering of lighting, play around with colors and decors to create the right ambience. For kids in most cases, warm colors are preferred for the perfect ambience.


Once you know what to look for when shopping for a lamp then it is easy to find one that will best suit your needs. Lamps do not have to be necessarily expensive; you can find quality floor lamps under $50 that will serve the purpose well. It is also important to look out for the material used on the lamp shade as some material are more long lasting than others and are less likely to get damaged.…

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