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Why your child should pursue a career as an interior designer

A parent should never tell a child which career to pursue but there is nothing wrong with spotting a talent in your child and guiding him or her on the path of decision. Help your child to reach their full potential by giving them enough information and advice so that they can make the right decisions about their future. If you find your little one entertained by Lego and always building structures he or she might me an aspiring architect or interior designer. There are various reasons why architecture and interior design is a great choice for career and study. If your child is particularly good at symmetrical drawings and enjoy being creative you can motivate this career choice with the following valid benefits.  Read more about studying to be an architect or interior designer.

A lucrative income

Architecture and interior design pays well. By studying in this field you become a specialist in a very specialized field which means your work will be well rewarded with a great income and a lucrative salary that will keep you in the top half where earnings are concerned.

Interesting field of study

Other than traditional accounting studies or other professional fields of study your course material for your architectural or interior design studies will always be interesting and interactive which will make studying a lot of fun. Enjoy being creative every day and learning about the history of your field of study. It is incredibly interesting and stimulating to learn about interior design and to see how far it has come. From the faulty designs of the Romans to the masterpieces created by the Greeks. There is so much to learn and it is truly one of the vastest courses that you can choose to complete.

Why your child should pursue a career as an interior designer

It’s a lifestyle, not a job

As with every creative career choice architecture and interior design is filled with creation and makes it fun. Exploring various structures and learning about new buildings and designs is always on the architect or interior designer’s mind which makes this a lifestyle and a very creative one. Click here for some amazing architectural projects in history.

Architects and interior designers are respected

It is a prestigious position that will reward esteem as one of the captains of the industry. There is always a great demand for architects and interior designers seeing there is always a new building or structure that needs to be designed. There are also various awards that are awarded to esteemed architects and designers

Jobs evolve

Not one day is the same for an architect or designer. With a different project to complete every time you will constantly be occupied by new and innovative tasks.  You are also not limited to one location. You can work internationally and help on projects anywhere in the world. The opportunities are endless.

Great mentors are a click away

There are some amazing architects that have developed some fantastic buildings and structures. With the internet you can find inspiration from any of your favorite architects.  For example the esteemed interior decorator, Juan Pablo Molyneux , well-known for his beautiful and classic work that includes some fantastic interior design projects.…

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