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Sporting Goods for Kids

Physical activity is necessary for your child’s well-being. When choosing the best fitness options and goals for your child, safety should be at the forefront of your thought. If you are going to allow him/her to engage in competitive sports you will need sporting goods that are specifically designed for kids. And, you will need to know what pieces of clothing and equipment are necessary for the sport you have chosen.

One piece of clothing that fills in the blanks for a lot of sporting activities is compression pants. These are designed to protect muscles from injury by adding support that would not otherwise be available in provided uniforms. Additionally, they can act as preventative measures for muscle groups that have already sustained some injuries. Compression pants work for kids who participate in: track and field, soccer, football, baseball and softball.

Sporting Goods for Kids

Specific Sport’s Equipment

Given the statistics that over 3 million kids, under the age of 14, are treated for sports injuries every year, it seems prudent that we ensure our children are dressed appropriately when participating in sports. So, by sport, here are our recommendations:

Football- This is probably the most dangerous sporting venture your child will ever chose to engage in. Make sure that you buy properly fitting: helmets, kneepads, cleats, and mouth guards. You’ll probably want to get compression pants and thick socks too.

Soccer- Shin guards and cleats are the key to good soccer protection. However, you will be best suited to add a jock strap/cup for your boys, and compression shorts for both boys and girls.

Baseball and Softball- No cleats with metal are allowed on the diamond or field. You will also need a well fitted glove, helmet and mouth guard. Protective cups are beneficial for male participants too. If your child plays catcher he/she will also need a face mask, shin guards, and chest protector.

Track and Field- Although there really isn’t a specifically assigned amount of gear for runners, some things just make sense. They need competitive running shoes and loose clothing. Depending on the activities they are competing in they may also need gloves.

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Other Essential Equipment

Kids might give you a hard time about wearing these additional safety features whenever they are participating in physical activities. However, they are essential to protecting your children’s head and eyes. Most helmets are made for specific sports so make sure you pick out the appropriate one. Also, ensure that it has a sticker from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proclaiming that it meets required standards. For more information on the CPSC, click here.

Polycarbonate plastic has been declared the best for eye protective uses in sports. You can get faceguards, masks, and shields that attach to the helmets you have purchased. Or, you can buy goggles instead. If your child needs prescription eyewear, make sure to get some made in the polycarbonate version. Don’t just let your kids wear their glasses beneath regular goggles, they could break and cause serious injury.

Wrist, knee and elbow protectors are also recommended. These can prevent fractures or shield your children from unnecessary cuts and scrapes. Some sports will require that you purchase padding as well. Don’t cheap out, the health and safety of your children is at stake. You are better to err on the side of caution than to have to pay for a hospital visit. Find more safety advice here.…

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