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Simple Ways to Engage Your Kids During the Holidays

Many parents are normally concerned about how they can keep the kids engaged. Kids can be a handful and it is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that they put their time into good use. Luckily, there are many activities that kids can do. Some of the activities you can do to keep your kids engaged include: 

Helping with housework 

The holiday is a good time to teach your kids’ house chores if you have not taught them already. There are many house chores that kids can do in the house, it all depends on their age. It can be a great opportunity for them to help you around the house now that they are home. 

Play games 

There are many games that kids can play. It all depends on their interests and what is available. There is also an option of taking them to a sports club where they can get a variety of games and a coach who can train them. For example, if they are interested in foosball they can easily get the equipment and a trainer to train them on rules of the game. 


Even though the holiday is a time to rest, it can also be a time to study something new. It can be an opportunity to learn a new skill or generally something new. For example, your kids can learn a new language or a new skill such as coding and that can help them in the future. 

Reading books 

Books are a great way to stimulate the mind. There are different kinds of books and they all have their benefits. Storybooks are also great as they help to horn their creativity. Reading is a good culture to instill in your kids if you have not already started. 


There is no greater satisfaction than giving ourselves to others for service. The good news is that we can teach our kids to give others service through volunteer. It will give them exposure, help them learn a new skill and experience the joy that comes with giving. There are many places where one can volunteer, it all depends on your location and the kind of opportunities available. 


If it is not a winter break and the weather is favorable, a picnic is a great way of keeping your kids engaged. If they are old enough, let them do all the preparation and planning. They can choose the snacks to carry, the picnic venue and all the nitty-gritty. They will have fun and at the same time give them the fulfillment of planning everything out successfully. 


Cooking is not only a chore but a hobby as well. It can be a time for your kids to learn new cooking skills. There are plenty of interesting recipes that they can try out. Most kids will find baking interesting and hence it will be a good chance for them to try baking different things. When it comes to cooking, there are no strict rules, you can play around with recipes to create something interesting. …

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