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5 Ways to Give Your Children a Safer Home

Home is a place that has great influences in molding the major aspects of our lives. One of these aspects is safety. Our homes should be a haven- the one place that will certainly keep ourselves and our children away from harm’s way. Young children tend to spend a lot of their time indoors, it is important that we make sure that they get a safe and healthy environment at home. And, a secure and updated home is one of the best gifts that you can offer to your children. Here are a few tips to ensure just that.

5 Ways to Give Your Children a Safer Home

Put a Guard against Scalding

Hot water can burn the skin of your child in the same way fire can. It only takes about 5 seconds of exposition to water at 140 degrees F to get scalded. In order to make sure that something like that never happens, it is your responsibility to set the water heater is set to 120 degrees F before you run your child a bath.

Make the Windows Safer

Every year a lot of children are injured by falling out through the windows. To ensure that something so unfortunate does not happen to a child, it’s crucial that window guards or stops are installed. Babies and very young children can even get tangled in the cords of blinds and shades; it is best to move cribs and beds away from windows.

Prepare for a Fire

It is difficult for very young children to escape if there is a residential fire. To deal with such a situation it is always better to make amends before such an hour strikes. Children should be provided with clear instructions on what to do during such times. It is crucial to introduce fire alarms in every room of your house and to have fire extinguishers at convenient reach.

Prevent injuries due to falling

One of the leading causes of unintentional injuries is falling. As children grow up and become more mobile, the risk of hurting themselves due to a fall from the stairs or by bumping into a furniture increases. Often times toddlers lose their balance while learning to walk and lose their balance. Using wall-mounted baby gates on both ends of the stairs; cushioning sharp edges of walls and tables, such mishaps can be reduced greatly.

Improve the air quality

The smell of decomposing fruit and vegetable peelings can be quite intimidating. Perhaps more compelling is the fact that, kitchen waste is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and also it attracts pests such as cockroaches, rats, etc. which can trigger asthma and allergies. By using a compost tumbler you are not only ensuring that you have cleaner air, but also increasing the supply of oxygen. A compost tumbler is a sealed container that turns kitchen and yard wastes into compost and makes the soil more fertile for trees and plants to grow better. May you find the top compost tumblers to aid you in your noble deed.

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