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Use Technology to Teach Your Kids About Finance

Money is a problem for us all. If we have too much, we are worried about protecting it and properly investing it. If we have too little, we are constantly striving after those things which claim to be able to give us more. Money is a problem and therefore, it must be addressed with our children. We don’t want them making the same mistakes we have. So, here’s how to use technology to teach your kids about finance.

You could point them towards if you want them to better understand the payroll process. In fact, they might gain some valuable business acumen by understanding why and how businesses outsource their payroll departments. This could be an invaluable preparation lesson for your little entrepreneurs. However, if that’s a little farfetched, the apps on our list should provide some excellent educational options.

Use Technology to Teach Your Kids About Finance

Personal Finance Apps for Educating Kids

Since our kids would much prefer to be on their phones and tablets, these apps are probably an excellent educational venue for you. These personal finance apps for educating kids are a valuable asset to education endeavors. Educating your kids about personal finance just got a lot easier with these:

  • Savings Spree– There are six games that allow players to earn money. They can choose to save it, or spend it, but the goal is to build a nest egg. This is a visual app that teaches kids that work must be completed before money can be earned. You can thank Money Savvy Generation for its creation. However, it will cost you $5.99 on your iOS device.
  • Green$treets Unleash the Loot- Available on both iOS and Android, this app lets kids rescue endangered animals. They are given a budget in which to care for their rescued animal. The kids can build a relationship with their rescued animal prior to releasing it into the wild. This helps them choose to use their money more wisely. And, best of all, it’s free! Learn more.
  • Renegade Buddies– Also a free app available on both major platforms, this is a fast -paced shopping game. Kids are challenged to save as much as they can and earn buggie bucks for their investment and savings decisions.
  • Motion Math: Cupcake!- If your kids truly have entrepreneurial dreams, this is the app for them. It will cost you $4.99 on your iOS device, but it’s probably worth it. Players build their own company by making cupcakes out of the ingredients they “buy.” They must keep their customers satisfied, by selling the cupcakes, and learning which ingredients are of the greatest value. Too much money spent on icing can limit the cupcake output and therefore hinder profits. Get this.
  • Celebrity Calamity– The idea behind this game is quite amusing. Your kids become financial advisors to celebrities whose spending behaviors are out of control. They have to manage the celebrity’s budget and simultaneously keep him/her happy. This is a great “fake living” learning experience. Read more.

Technology doesn’t always have to be the bad guy in our homes. We can, as parents, utilize it to our advantage and make it the educational tool it can potentially be. There are a number of great educational apps available out there. You can find some more right here.…

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