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Planning a Fun Outdoorsy Party for Kids

While outdoor parties maybe a little bit more complicated to plan than small indoor events, your kids would surely enjoy it much more. Children often think of the outdoors as a magical place where anything can be possible. Their imaginations can easily run wild when they are outside of the house. Whether you are planning for a birthday party or just a normal get-together and playtime for your children and their friends, you can make this day happen with your outstanding party planning skills.

Outdoorsy Party - 101

Where do we start? There are a lot of details involved in planning a children’s party. Take out your pen and notebook and do a checklist so you won’t miss out on anything important. Follow our simple guide below to make your party planning tasks easier:

Scout for a good location.

The location is one of the most vital parts of your event. If you are doing an outdoor event, scout around for gardens, camp sites and even friends’ backyards where you can do your party. If you have a big backyard space at home, consider doing the event in your own house. Also, keep in mind to track the weather on your chosen date. If there will be foreseeable rain or hot waves, you might need to rent a party tent for shade.

Games and other fun activities.

An outdoor children’s party will never be complete without some fun and games. While the parents are guardians are probably looking forward for some food and socialization, the children will be heading for the games. Incorporate a couple of outdoor games such as potato-sack race, three-legged race, limbo and treasure hunts to keep the kids entertained. Make use of all the space you have in your outdoor location.

Fun decorations and other entertainment.

Aside from the games planned for the kids, you should also make the venue itself fun and appealing for everyone. Consider doing a themed party and style the place according to your chosen theme. Another great addition to your setup is a bouncy castle, which will be a big hit for both kids and adults. Bouncy Castle Hire options are extensive online, so you would have countless to choose from. Photo booths will also be a nice addition to your outdoor party. It will provide a great form of entertainment for the adults and will also capture fun moments.

Food and giveaways.

Food is, naturally, essential in an outdoor party. Instead of serving the food buffet style, like you would in an indoor event, have fun with the presentation. You can even do freshly grilled food like hotdogs and burgers, which are among the kids’ favorite foods. For themed parties, your food and drinks can be even more fun and interesting. Consider hiring a buffet service if you do not want to cook for a large crowd. Finish the party well with carefully handpack giveaways for your guests with a thank you note or even a photo memorabilia to make the event more memorable.…

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