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Health in Children

Children health care and development should be the very first priority of all the societies because children are the future of all nations. Children sports, physical activities, parent’s encouragement are some important things to do. It is vital to give all children healthy food and proper nutrition.  Children are vulnerable to malnutrition and infectious diseases many of which can be prevented and effectively treated through vaccines, child safety, school health etc.

Child healthcare is a very serious matter, and one that cannot be overlooked at any cost. If you want to look into the topic in more detail you can read some published medical articles about it on Dove Medical Press. Be assured that the articles you come across on the website are authentic and verified by medical experts.

Health in Children

Following are some common diseases found in children.

Polio: This is a very common disease found in those children who are not given proper vaccines for it. This is such a disease which cannot be cured. The only way to protect children from it is to continuously give them the vaccine from the day they are born till they turn to five years of age. But in the recent decade the polio eradication schemes have lessened the cases of this disease.

Chickenpox: This disease is found in children some suffer from few spots while in others the spots may cover the whole body. Varicella zerus virus may cause chickenpox. This disease may last for one to three weeks and the child may also suffer from fever. This is a vaccine preventable disease. The children must been given vaccine for this too.

Overactive children and ADHD: It is a very good thing for children to be physically and mentally active but there are some children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also known as hyperactivity. Children who lack concentration and have behavior problems are not overactive and suffer from hyperactivity. This problem requires treatment or it worsens. This cause many other problems such as sleeping, hearing disorder. Some children suffer from this disease due to negligence or abuse. ADHD is the most common cause of hyperactivity in children. About 3-4% of school aged children face this problem. It can be treated with both medication and behavioral interventions. Other treatments involve behavioral therapy, parent training and school based interventions.

Mumps: This is a disease caused by virus usually spit of saliva. This affect many parts of body especially mouth, cheeks, ears and jaws which swell and cause severe pain. It is also a vaccine preventable disease and had been very common in people before the vaccine were introduced. Mumps are still very common in those children aging from 5-14 who have not been provided with the vaccines. In this case the child is likely to suffer from high fever and swelling of glands. It can also worsen leading to inflammation and swelling of brain and other organs. Nausea, headache, stiff neck, dizziness, vomiting, high fever are caused by mumps. The only way to prevent this disease is to get vaccine.…

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