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How Joining a Marching Band Will Benefit Your Child

One of the hardest things of parenthood is figuring out what your child is good at so you can develop that skill into something that will help your child grow, learn and have fun.  School curriculums gives children a lot of extracurricular choices such as sport, art, music and technical projects and all of these extra activities are great for developing a strong and diverse youth.  Playing in a marching band is one of the best, yet most overlooked, activities to consider if you want to help your child develop stronger social and intellectual skills.

Things your child will learn

Kids that play in a marching band learn a lot more than just to play musical instruments.  The marching band will learn them all types of skills that are needed in everyday life like flexibility, manners and respect, history, trust, patience and discipline.  They also learn responsibility and they learn to function in a team and they do all this while having a lot of fun.

Reasons to consider the trombone

There are a lot of music instruments that your child can enjoy in a marching band such as the Cornet, Trumpet, Tuba, French Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Bass Drum and more.  The trombone is however one of the best band instruments to pick because you are much more likely to land a position in the marching band since there aren’t that many children that can play the trombone.  There are also other fun reasons like an excuse to make loud noises around the house, being excused when you reach out and poke siblings by ‘accident’ or, if you want to be serious, improve your counting skills, create a love for slow music and be more unique.

How Joining a Marching Band Will Benefit Your Child

Find the best intermediate trombone online

Most trombone players will start off with the student trombone and then move on to the intermediate trombone once they have mastered their skills.  Band Instruments Guide is the best review site to check out if you want good information on the best intermediate trombone on the market.  These reviews will give you a good idea of the size, price, pros, cons and functionality of the best trombones on the market so your child can shine and give his or her all during performances.

Get a good trombone stand and case

Trombones can be quite heavy and in a marching band your child will have to build good muscle to be able to play the trombone while moving around.  A good trombone stand will however come in handy when it comes to stage performances and storing the trombone away when it is not in use and a trombone case is also necessary for keeping the trombone in good shape when coming from band practice.

Learn to play the trombone online

One of the best parts about playing the trombone is the fact that you can learn how to play the trombone online by simply checking out some online video tutorials on popular sites like YouTube.…

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