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Is Espresso Really Safe for Kids?

As much as caffeine is generally not a good idea for kids, there is so much debate on whether small quantities are doable. When it comes to espresso for kids, it’s not all about the espresso temperature, but the effect of caffeine on kids. What man parents fail to realize is that there are other drinks that they consider safe that still contain caffeine such as chocolate and soda. The reason why caffeine is barred from kids’ drinks is due to the fact that it has been linked to growth and development problems as well as addiction and sleep problems. It is said that caffeine is safe for kids when they reach at least the teenage age as their system can handle the stimulant well.

Is Espresso Really Safe for Kids?
Is Espresso Really Safe for Kids?

Are there alternatives for Espresso for kids?

Since most parents or grownups, in general, go to Espresso bars with kids, most espresso bars had to get creative and come up with alternatives for kids. There is the evolution of babyccinos that started in Australia.

Babyccino is some variation from cappuccino only that it is decaffeinated and hence safe for kids. IN most places, there are two varieties of babyccinos, one is a decaffeinated espresso that is mixed with steamed milk. The other is basically frothed steamed milk and foam. They may slightly differ depending on the creativity of the restaurant. There are some that will add chocolate, cinnamon or marshmallow. There are some espresso bars that will require you to pay for the kiddies treat while there are those that will give you as a complimentary when you come with your kids.

Apparently, the trend has been in Australia for like a decade and it only in the recent past that It spread to other areas and now it is popular in New York. Since kids love them, most cafés are obliged to introduce them to their menu.

Is it really safe?

Contrary to popular belief, decaf coffee still has some little caffeine and hence it is hard to completely go caffeine free unless you do the other variant which is froth steamed milk and foam. In addition to other effects of caffeine, it has also been linked to obesity in kids. Decaf espresso may also lead to addiction in the long run if it is constantly taken by kids.

Parenting basically depends on the parents and the value they want to instill on your kids. Every parent is right in their own way as there is no right or wrong parenting. There are some parents who would prefer just talking to their kids and explain to them why they can’t take espresso yet, while there are those that prefer to go for babyccinos. There are also other healthy alternatives that parents can go for such as frozen yogurt. In parenting it also depends on the creativity of the parent, at every point you will be forced to do trade-offs and being creative makes it much easier. It is also important for parents to be as knowledgeable as possible as knowledge is power. …

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