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What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs

Planning on redoing a children’s bathroom in your home or in your business? This is one challenging task to take on.  Those tiny human beings often find it hard to use adult bathrooms because everything is so high and especially because most bathroom activities are so challenging to accomplish when your hands are still so small. 

What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs
What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs

If you are redoing your bathroom from scratch then it becomes much easier to invest in the right accessories and necessities.  Home Spa Select is a superb website to check out for all the best bathroom renovation tips.  Here are a few essentials to include in any kid-friendly bathroom.

Specialized Bathroom Ware

Children’s toilets and sinks are much lower than adult-sized bathroom ware.  If you know for a fact that children will be using the bathroom for the next 30 years then you can definitely consider investing in kid-sized bathroom ware such a toddler toilets.  If you are not opting for a complete renovation then build a steppe around the toilet and sink so small children can reach these items with ease.

Light Colors Are Always Best

Light and bright colors always look better in children’s bathrooms.  These lighter colors are cheerful and make small bathrooms look a lot roomier.  Lighter colored bathrooms also tend to look more hygienic and you can spot dirt and grime easier and clean up these messes before kids get infections or illnesses.

Choose a Theme

If you want a truly authentic kiddie’s bathroom then go for a themed bathroom.  You don’t have to paint the walls and floors according to the theme but you can invest in decorative elements and artworks to bring the theme to life.  Mermaids, sailors, fish, sea life, frogs, whales, and pirates are all superb themes to consider for your children’s bathroom.

Install Dedicated Areas for Each Child

The best way to avoid bathroom arguments is by installing dedicated storage areas for each child or for a number of children.  Add shelves where each child can put their toothbrush, toothpaste and hair accessories and add a hook for each towel underneath each shelve.

Invest In a Secure Steppe

If you are not redoing for kids specifically then you should at the very least add a strong steppe to your kid’s bathroom.  They can use this step to reach the toilet, sink and to get into the tub. 

Lay Lots of Floor mats

Floor mats are superb for decorating your bathroom according to a specific theme but can also be tremendously helpful for preventing bathroom accidents.  These floor mats absorb moisture and water so kids won’t slip and fall in the bathroom.

Add a Sitting Bench

Tiny children find it hard to get dressed.  Add a small bench to your bathroom so your little one can sit down while getting dressed or stack clothing where it cannot get wet.

Invest In Auto Faucets

Children love to play in the water and have a tendency to leave taps running for hours on end.  A good way to overcome an expensive water bill is by installing auto on and off taps in the bathroom. …

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