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Improve Your Relationships with Your Children by Improving Your Mood

When we have a bad day, it can be way too easy to direct that frustration towards our family members, including our children.  If you find your relationship with your children is strained because of stresses in other areas of your life, consider these tips to help center your mood.  Not only will it make you feel better, your family will benefit too.

Take a Moment to Destress

Whether it is carving out an hour of “me” time, or even just taking a few minutes to breathe and refocus, taking time out of your day to allow yourself to destress is critical.  Otherwise, stress may build up over time, resulting in a blowout that may impact your family even when they are not the cause.

Destressing can involve any activity that leaves you feeling calmed and refreshed.  For example, some people find simple deep breathing exercises is be beneficial, such as those associated with meditation.  Others find exercise to be therapeutic.  Receiving certain services, such as a professional massage or new haircut, can also be reinvigorating, while others enjoy being able to sit and drink a cup of tea undisturbed.

Improve Your Relationships with Your Children by Improving Your Mood

Not only can relaxation techniques improve your health in general, they can also have significant impacts on your mood.  You may feel better equipped to manage other stressors, such as unexpected events or obligations, or may just feel happier.  Regardless of the specifics, the outcome is normally worth the effort.

Since you will be better prepared to manage life’s demands, you are less likely to feel pushed to the brink as challenges arise.  This can make you less likely to accidentally vent your frustrations on those who do not deserve it, and may make you more open to sharing happier activities with them as well.

Read for Guidance

If you are looking for tips designed specifically to help you feel like a happier person in your home, work, or other aspects of your life, consider the vast array of written materials that are available.  Whether you are looking for a traditional take on the self-help books, such as those by Stephen R. Covey, or one with more humor, such as the works of Karen Salmansohn, you can likely find a book on the topic that is most relevant to you.

Most books of this nature are designed to get you thinking about your own life, and what changes you can make to get things moving in a more positive direction.  In some cases, they may provide exercises that will allow you to get your children involved in creating a more positive home life, which may be a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Seek a Professional

In cases where it feels that home techniques are not sufficient, consider seeking out a professional, such as a licensed counselor or psychologist.  In some cases, the services of a life coach may also be helpful depending on the source of your frustrations.  Services can often be found in areas such as individual or family counseling, career coaching, stress management, and even professional development.

Working with a professional is not necessarily a sign of mental illness, or mental weakness.  Instead, it provides access to an impartial third party who has the skill and experience to help guide you through the process of redesigning your life in a way that improves your current situation, as well as the situations of those around you.…

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