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How Moms Can Be Travel Ready and Healthy At All Times

The modern momma has to be much more than she has ever been before in order to live a full and satisfying life.  As a new aged mom you have to look terrific so you don’t embarrass your kids or husband by driving around in sweats and a pony tail all the time. You have handle and maintain a good career so you can afford modern living costs.  You have to be there for your kids and be ready for anything they or the school dishes your way. You have to be there for friends, family and pets and to top it off, you have to care for everyone when they are ill and maintain your household so you won’t feel mortified during each get together. It is tough to be that much each and every day but completely do-able if you have the right gear.

Get discounts on travel gear

The right gear can be quite expensive but luckily you can save a lot of money through coupons available at  Fitness Must Haves is also a terrific website to scout for the latest fitness and travel gear that is sure to make your busy life a lot easier and more flexible.  You can find the best reviews on the best products and get the best deals on one page.

How Moms Can Be Travel Ready and Healthy At All Times

Get the right drink bottles

It is time to avoid those sugary and toxin loaded drinks in the store by investing in some funky water bottles that you and your kids will love to use.  Drink bottles will keep your car clean and will save you a lot of money on sugary drinks when you prepare cool aids and juices at home. You can also be a lot healthier by investing in some water infuser bottles with a fun futuristic design that will definitely make you feel much more radiant.

Meal prep bags

Meal prep bags are perfect for improving your and your kid’s health because they are easy to use and have multiple storage compartments so you can stock up on healthy fruity and veggie snacks and skip out on all of those sugar rush trips to takeaway shops.

Running belt

When you have kids a handbag can quickly get in the way since your kids already have a school backpack or nappy bag that you have to tag along everywhere.  Moms of youngsters or toddlers should definitely switch to a running belt so they can fit their essentials where no one can grab them and still have arms free for groceries and toddler handling.

Stock a travel pack

You also want to look terrific on the go so keep a small makeup bag in a travel pack in your car along with some essentials such as a clean shirt for you and the kids, wet wipes, a scarf – terrific for hiding stains – and some perfume.  Your makeup bag should be small and should only contain touch up ingredients such as a bb cream, an eye pencil and some lip-gloss.  With a travel bag in your car you will always be ready for anything life throws your way and you will be the most flexible momma around.…

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