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Educational tips for parents with Pre-scholars

Most parents don’t realize that they need to educate their children from a very young age. By educating your toddler you will give your child the upper hand when it comes to schooling. The best part about the fantastic technology and discovery that we have today is that there are some fantastic tools available to assist us in teaching our tots daily. There is no reason why you should wait for your child to attend school before he or she learns to read, write and other skills. Click here to read more about the benefits of early education for your toddlers. The best gift you can give your toddler is an early education. Here are a few tips to help with early education.

Educational tips for parents with Pre-scholars

Reading time should be shared

When reading to your little one start by involving them. Let them join you in forming the words and identifying the letter. Once they are able to read, let them read with you. Make it a fun activity and also a rewarding experience. This will give your child the ambition to read and learn.

Identify everything

When talking to your tot identify items, body parts and everything else in their surroundings. This will allow them to comprehend easily and give them the opportunity to identify things. Words as simple as nose, ear, door etc. will make a difference.

Be interactive

During any reading or learning activity bring the fun along. Make the funny voices and act the part. Reading and learning should be fun for your tot in order to keep their attention. Little ones often lose focus easily and need to feel engaged and interested at all times. If your child suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder you would really need to pull out all the stops and help them to stay focused. By doing this you will get them ready for actual school and discipline.

Purchase educational toys

Educational toys are fun and a great, interactive way of learning for your toddler. Instead of purchasing regular toys invest in puzzles and toys that will get their brains going. There are so many fantastic websites online that sell fantastic educational toys. Click here to look at a couple of great options.

In-flight entertainment

If the whole family is going on holiday keep your little ones entertained with puzzle books. Say for example you find discount flights for the whole family and you are set to endure a 3 hour flight with your tots, you can easily keep them occupied with interactive puzzles and books that will keep them busy till you land.

Educational programs

Instead of hours of cartoons or other movies find educational movies online. There are so many apps and videos available that will make learning fun and interactive for your toddlers. Some of the apps actually include little games that will keep them thinking. There are also certain TV channels that offer educational programs with fun characters that will give them a learning experience.…

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