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Dental Implants in Children

It’s true that kids are very prone to accidents. Just running through the living room or biking around the garden can possibly cause some injury to your child. These injuries may range from a knee wound to a bone fracture. Most of us know what to do when such injuries occur. For simple knee wounds, just simply cleaning and dressing the wound can help stop the bleeding and heal it. For a more serious injury such as bone fracture, taking your child to a professional physician can help him recover. But what if your child permanently loses a tooth due to a serious mishap? What should you do?

Many kids and teenagers lose their teeth due to various accidents. And for parents, it’s totally a nightmare. Of course, no parent would want to see their child suffering because of a missing tooth. Depending on the number of teeth lost, the effects of it can be very stressful and hard. Your child may suffer from self-esteem problems, may have a hard time eating, and may also experience difficulties in speaking.

Dental Implants in ChildrenFortunately today, there are various options that you can choose from in order to replace the lost tooth and bring back your child’s sweet smile. The two of the most common options are bridges and dentures. They are an ideal option if you only have limited budget since these alternatives only cost a few dollars. However, if you want a more realistic-looking replacement, go for dental implants. Today, dental implants are becoming popular since they remove the hassle of removable dentures, and they even provide a next-to-natural and permanent way to rebuild a smile.

But unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants are expensive. The cost may vary depending on the case of the patient, the dentist or surgeon, and the place where you plan to get them done. Of course, the dental implants Colorado Springs cost differs from the dental implants Long Island cost, but usually the cost range from $1,500 to $3,000 for a single tooth, but it could be higher in other areas. If you want to consider this dental procedure, you may want to visit several clinics in order to compare prices and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Of course, you would also want to consider your child’s age before you take him or her to the clinic. Dental implants are extremely serious procedures, and they are only done after a complete and thorough observation of the teeth. Well, a professional dentist will inform you if your child can get dental implants. Yes, there’s a recommended age for getting dental implants. Children must be at least 15 years old (for girls), or 17 years old (for boys) before they can get an implant.  The reason is that dental implants must be placed after the jaw growth is completed. Placing them before your child’s jaw has finished growing can cause other dental problems, which of course you don’t want to happen. If your child is just in his or her early teenage years, wait for a little while until your child reaches the allowable age.…

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