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Increase a Child’s Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

It can be challenging to find students who are interested in pursuing higher educational opportunities, and ultimately employment, in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. One way to increase a person’s likelihood of working towards one of these careers is to get them interested in the subject young. So, how do you introduce such complex subjects to children without everything going over their head? By catering the conversation to the individual child.

If you aren’t sure how to start these conversations with your children, consider these tips to get things moving.

Increase a Child’s Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Talk About the Every Day

Many people don’t notice how much STEM subjects play into our everyday lives. Everything from the food we eat, the televisions we watch, the buildings we live in, and the cars we drive have aspects of multiple STEM subjects involved. So, with that in mind, consider how these subjects enter your normal activities and use them to start a conversation.

For example, you can ask you child questions to get an idea of what they believe is going on. For example, a simple inquiry about where they think their lunch comes from or what they imagine helps an airplane fly can provide a remarkable amount of insight. Then, you can build on their ideas to help them learn. In some cases, creating an experiment may also be appropriate.

Feel free to test the waters in a variety of STEM areas. If something strikes a chord with your child, then take the time to delve deeper.

Find Age-Appropriate Reading

If your child is in elementary school, then the topics covered by works provided through Dove Press are likely beyond their understanding, but there are some great children’s books that can give them a basic understanding of many STEM topics. Large scale online retailers often carry numerous books on science experiments and similar topics for children, as well as book retailers.

For those looking for lower cost options, consider checking out your local library. They may have entire sections dedicated to non-fiction works for children, allowing you to find titles about any STEM subject that may catch their eye.

The Right Television

While most people don’t attach television to education, there are a variety of shows that can increase your child’s interest in STEM subjects by keeping things at a proper level based on their age. Some stations have added educational programming to their Saturday morning lineup, giving a quality alternative to the traditional cartoons, and most of these episodes have been designed with children in mind. That means they will contain information designed to interest them without some of the material that is included in versions geared towards adults.

By making what is traditionally seen as entertainment educational, you can spark an interest that may have otherwise been missed. Additionally, you can observe how they react to different shows to help determine which subject may be of the most interest. Then, you can nurture that interest further with trips to applicable museums, zoos, aquariums, or other educational destinations.

The most important part of encouraging people to pursue STEM careers is to get them interested in the subject early. While this can take some planning, it isn’t necessarily difficult. Just see how the subjects are involved in your daily life, and take it from there.…

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Five Big Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child on Frequent Camping Trips

The new way of raising kids involves a lot of plastic and technology.  From a tender age modern kids are raised on clean swept floors, soft thick lawns and they play only on ultimately safe toys.  Yes, your child is perfectly safe when he or she grows up in this plastic bubble of protection but this ultimately safe way of raising kids… might just be destroying them. Soon they will have to leave that cozy little nest filled with fluffy pillows and technology.  They will have to go out into the world and they will have to survive the harshness of people, nature and they will have to face all kinds of terrible challenges.  Camping is great for kids because it is the best way to toughen them up, to make them see the world for what it truly is and to teach them that there is more to life than plastic and phones.  Here are the top reasons why you should go on frequent camping from a tender age;

Five Big Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child on Frequent Camping Trips

They learn so much! – During camping trips your child will learn a ton of new things.  They see new insects, plants, trees and animals.  They learn fun new skills like how to set up a tent, how to make fire, how to cook on fire and much more.  In just one weekend, your child will have observed more from camping than a year worth of educational shows.

They fall in love with nature – It is important to respect and care for nature and the only way your child will ever know how to do these things is if they love nature.

Camping is great for bonding – Technology greatly keeps families from bonding and talking.  During camping you can reinstate these forgotten skills and get to know one another better.

They learn to have fun without technology – Nature is the world’s best playground and your child will soon learn that there are much more things to do during a camping trip than what any video game can provide.

Camping develops problem solving skills – Everything from setting up the tent to cooking is a great challenge on a camping trip.  Your child will learn how to solve big problems with limited supplies so he can one day get along in tough times.

Start off with a good tent

If you are planning a camping trip then a good place to start is with a good tent.  Cabin tents are great for families because they are easy to set up and they provide protection against a lot of elements such as animals, bugs, wind, rain and much more.

Find more great camping gear here

There is lots of camping equipment available that will make any camping trip super easy and incredibly fun.  You can visit to have a look at some of the best camp essentials on the market and to read some reviews on the top products for your trips.…

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