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Is Your Child The Next Molyneux Of Interior Designing?

A parent’s preferences, influences and guidance are one of the biggest things that will guide a child towards making the right decisions when it comes to a career path. But parents need to be extremely careful when they try to inspire a certain career choice for their kids.  It can be hard to recognize what is right for your child and what is not when your child has not yet decided who or what type of person they want to be.  Parents tend to see only the good and exceptional in their children and often cast a blind eye to certain truths about their children’s abilities.  If you overestimate your child and inspire a difficult career path you could soon be facing a complete disaster when it turns out that your child doesn’t have the skill for interior designing or simply doesn’t have the personality to suit this career path.  Here are some great aspects to look at if you want to know if your child has what it takes to be the next Molyneux.

Is Your Child The Next Molyneux Of Interior Designing

Who is Juan Pablo Molyneux?

Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the world’s most famous interior designers.  His life is what is inspiring many parents to convince their kids to become an interior designer because he is famous, wealthy, his work has taken him all over the world and he is living the ultimate dream life thanks to his career.  Molyneux even has his own design firm and is known for transforming everything from homes to castles into wonderful and timeless works of art.

Will interior designing be a good job in ten years’ time?

While interior designing is hip and in right now you, as a parent need to look to the future of interior designing before trying to get your child to become an interior designer.  Luckily for you, the future in this terrific career choice is incredibly bright since the use of an interior designer is becoming increasingly popular amongst all property owners as well as small home owners.  Your child is sure to be able to land a job in a large firm or perhaps be successful in starting an own business.

What are the limitations to interior designing?

Interior designing is definitely a great career path for your child because there are no limits as to how far or high your child can rise.  Your child can work as a designer for a large firm; he or she can work on freelance projects on the sideline or perhaps even start his or her very own interior design firm.

Does your child have what it takes to become someone like Molyneux?

Being successful in interior designing is hard work but your child should also be a creative and fearless person in order to enjoy this type of career.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for example is extremely good at working with people, he is completely fearless when it comes to handling large projects or tackling his own design firm and he loves to be diverse when it comes to his work, his work location and all of his designs.…

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