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Best Tripods to Use When Travelling with Kids

When you are traveling with kids, you have to make conscious decisions just about everything including tripods. Not making a conscious decision will cost you since kids can be careless and all over the place. There are some tripods that are very fragile and when kids are involved, they won’t last you long. For travel tripods, there are two main materials that are used: carbon fiber construction and aluminum. Some of the best travel tripods 2018 include:

GitzoGT1542T Series 1 Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod

This is one best travel tripods that you can use when you have kids. It is light, stable and at the same time durable.  It has been made using carbon fiber construction which is of high quality and durable. Its weight is only 2.2lbs. It has a great height for most photographers which have a maximum of 58.66 inches and a lowest of 8.66 inches. When it comes to tightening of tripod legs, there is a Gitzoo’s patented G-lock which is a good twist lock system. When it comes to vibration resistance tests, the tripod is a performer. The disadvantage of the tripod is that it does not have a ball head which some photographers consider important. It is also very costly with a price of over 500 dollars.

MeFoto c2350Q2T GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

MeFoto is a new tripod brand in the market with great travel tripods. The C2350Q2T is one of their best made with carbon fiber and great for large camera bodies and lenses.  It has a weight of 4.6lbs and a support capacity of 26.4lbs. The tripod has a minimum height of 16.1” and a maximum height of 64.2”. It is therefore not the best for low angles or macro photography. It not only has a ball head but also a separate head and pan lock that can help you easily move the camera to any position. The tripod can also be used as a monopod by unscrewing one of the legs and attaching it to the center column.

The cons of this tripod are the fact that it is not best suited for macro and low angle photography. The leg locks will also need more tightening.

Feisol CT-3442 Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with CB40 Ball Head

This is a great carbon fiber tripod that is very compact. It only has a weight of 3.11 pounds and a size of 16.93 when folded. Even though it is compact, it has a god height range with a minimum of 17 inches and a maximum of 72.8. Due to its high quality build, it gives a good vibration resistance.  The tripod has a CB40 ball head that glides smoothly and ensures added stability. The disadvantage of this tripod is the fact that it has an unretractable weight hook at the bottom. It is also not the best choice if you plan to do low angle or macro photography since its minimum height of 17 inches is still high.…

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