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Getting A Camcorder for Kids Events

As much as we may enjoy the event, there is nothing as good as having something that will remind us about the event in future like a video clip. That is why you may consider investing in a camcorder. It lightens up the mood and the memories and helps us experience the past. It is also a good memory for the kids once they are grown up they can always see it for memories. In order to invest in a good camcorder however, you need a careful consideration and that means that you will also need to know what to look out for. Some of the factors you should consider when looking for a camcorder include:

Getting A Camcorder for Kids Events

Zoom lens

This will give you the flexibility of doing your footage regardless of the distance from the footage. The more the zoom, the better it will be for you. For most camcorders, a zoom of 10X is always a standard.


It is the resolution of a camcorder that is responsible for the clarity and detail of the footage. It is normally indicated by p since it is measured in pixels. A high number of pixels depict a high resolution of the camcorder. Resolution can either be standard definition, high definition (HD) or 4k with standard containing the lowest resolution and 4k the highest resolution. Most cameras contain HD resolution which is normally between 720p to 1080. 4k is the best in terms of quality of the resolution although you will need a 4k screen or a big monitor to get the 4k effects. On a normal screen it will just give the normal HD footage.

Sensor size

Most of the time, the quality of a footage is determined by the sensor. The sensor is normally in proportion with the resolution whereby high resolution will need large sensors. Larger sensors have more advantages in low light situations as they are able to capture more light when you compare them with small sensors.

File format

Camcorder may have different file formats. It is important to confirm the file format used by the camcorder and whether it is compatible with your pc or not. Otherwise you may have problems with compression or decompression of your video files.

Image stabilization

A camcorder an only avoid having a shaky footage through image stabilization. This feature is very important especially for people with shaky hands. Camcorders can either use optical image stabilization or electronic stabilization. Optical image stabilization uses a lens to get stabilization while electronic does the stabilization after shooting.


Luckily, getting a good camcorder today is easier than it was many years ago. Companies are facing competition and hence they have to produce the best to stay ahead of competition.  An example is Sony which has made the Sony hdr-ax2000 which is among the best in the market. When doing your research it is always important to do comparisons and read reviews so that you can get the best deal.…

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