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Promote Your Entrepreneur Baby’s Business with SMS Marketing

Some kids are just born with a natural talent to do business.  Little entrepreneurs can be seen everywhere.  Some sell cookies and fudge, others breed with hamsters and some sell lemonade.  Every now and then you hear about a successful child entrepreneur that turned some small item into a huge company.  These successful child entrepreneurs with their own companies are no different than the kids who only work for spending money.  The only reason they are successful is because they have help.  Their parents are helping them get some of the work done and they are especially helping with good promotion.

Promote Your Entrepreneur Baby’s Business with SMS Marketing

Successful kids companies

Me & the Bees Lemonade – This is a lemonade stand founded by Mikaila Ulmer when she was four and a half years old. A lot of the profits are used to protect bees.

Botangle – This learning project was created to replace the public education system and was started by Erik Finman when he was just 15 years old.

OrigamiOwl – This custom jewelry company was founded by Bella Weems when she was 14.

Ollie’s Shop – Ollie Forsyth started this online gift shop when he was 13 and made a success despite school difficulties.

Zollipops – Alina Morse started this company when she was just 10 years old.  Her Zollipops are a tremendous success because they are not sweetened with sugar.

Issabella Rose Taylor – When Taylor was 12 years old she started her own fashion line and became an instant success.

It’s all about good promotion

As you can see, all of the above children’s companies are surprisingly simple products that turned into a surprisingly successful company and the main reason they are successful is simply because of promotion.  If your child is dreaming of a successful company then it is time to give him or her a helping hand with SMS marketing.

What is bulk SMS?

SMS marketing involves sending bulk SMS to prospective clients.  TextPlode is the best marketing SMS company out there because they enable you to send the same message to thousands of numbers instantly thanks to their superior software.  They are also incredibly affordable which enables you to market your child’s company easily and affordably.

How bulk SMS will help your child’s business

  • Your child can instantly inform all clients of new products in store.
  • You can help your child by letting everyone know of all the specials and discounted deals that are running.
  • Any big announcements like a change in the company or a new product launch can be communicated to everyone quickly.
  • Remind your child’s friends and their families of your child’s company by sending greetings and thank you notes on a regular basis or during holiday seasons.
  • You can lure in a lot of clients to major sales events so the event will be a big success.

Announce any emergencies such as a problem with suppliers or a sudden closed day to everyone so they won’t be disappointed if they don’t get service.…

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