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Top Reasons to Try and Get Your Children Interested In Interior Designing

As a parent your guidance and influence is one of the main things that is constantly inspiring and affecting your children’s decision.  Your guidance is what shapes their behavior towards others. Your attitude regarding school and work affects their attitudes and your likes and dislikes often becomes their likes and dislikes. If you want your child to one day have one of the best jobs out there then it is time to set your focus on interior designing because this is one of the highest paying, most flexible and fun jobs in the world.

What exactly does interior designing entail?

There are different levels of interior designing that your child can go into if he or she is interested in this fantastic career.  Some interior designer has their focus on the inner mood and setting of rooms, offices and buildings.  Some interior designers focus on certain types of interiors such as kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms.

Top Reasons to Try and Get Your Children Interested In Interior Designing

Then there is an interior designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux who has a degree in architecture and uses his skills to transform entire homes, mansions and even palaces from average to breathtaking.  Jaun Pablo Molyneux can’t just work with the inner beauty of a home.  He has the needed skill and insight to shape an entire home without damaging its natural structure.  Molyneux loves to work parts of the original building, original and raw structures and historical elements of buildings into his new and modern concepts.  He is a world famous interior designer and his works can be seen all over America, Europe and the Middle east.  Molyneux has the ultimate dream career and his career is definitely something any child should try to live up to.

Which children are suitable for interior designing?

Not everyone can be good at interior designing.  For this unique and fun job you need to have the ability to be able to think three dimensionally, you need a sense for creativity and you need to actually be interested in interiors and in shopping.  If your child has all of these elements then he or she could very well become the next Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Qualifications for interior designing

Interior designing is much more than just good skill and creativity. You need to work hard and study hard while you are learning how to become an interior designer.  Here are the main qualifications you will need for this fantastic job;

Interior designing degree – There are plenty of institutions that teach interior designing but if you want your child to truly excel then the degree should be mastered at a reputable institution such as a university or a school of interior designing.

Architecture – A degree in architecture is not compulsory for your child to become an interior designer but is a great plus because they will also be able to recreate the structures of homes and alter home or building plans completely.

Ways to inspire your child to become an interior designer

There comes a time in every teen’s life when they have to start considering all the different career paths out there.  You can’t force your child to go into interior designing but you can help implement the idea by speaking positively off interior decorating and showing them what it is all about.…

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