A Quick Guide to the Safest Earphones for Children

Children love to be noisy.  There probably isn’t a child in the world that doesn’t like to rattle things, shake things, bang on music instruments, squeal in delight or run around with a loud scream for no apparent reason.  And enjoying technology like the TV, Tab or games on a PlayStation just isn’t fun if they cannot turn the volume loud enough to pop your eardrums.  Trying to make a phone call while your child enjoys his or her favorite TV show in the background is like trying to communicate during a thundering war battle.  There is just no way to concentrate on the other speaker.  And this is the exact reason why so many parents are resolving to earphones for their kid’s techno devices.  But are earphones safe for your child?

A Quick Guide to the Safest Earphones for Children

The dangers of earphones to children

One of the biggest dangers in earphones is damaging your child’s hearing when the volume is turned up too high.  Continuous exposure to loud noises can damage your child’s hearing over time and sharing earphones can spread infections.

How to prevent hearing damage while using earphones

The best ways to prevent damage to your child’s ears when he or she uses earphones is to get suitable earphones, to limit the volume of electronic players to 60% so high volume of sounds don’t damage your child’s ears and to keep earphones clean and prevent your kids from sharing earphones with other kids.

Top safest earphones for kids

You will find when researching your options that Outer-Earp-Headphones are best for children because they allow some sound to escape and they result in reduced pressure and fog buildup.  But these earphones are often impractical and difficult to maneuver.  In-Ear Headphones can also be used safely as long as you keep the volume relatively low and as long as the In-Ear Headphones fit securely. They are also small enough to make it incredibly easy to carry these types of earphones wherever your child goes and they fit comfortably without injuring the ear.

How long can kids use earphones?

Most modern tech devices like iPods will send out a warning when children exceed the maximum volume tolerance.  But even when children keep the volume down, they should be limited on their earphone usage because earphones can lead to infections and earaches because your ears build up pressure and moisture when you use earphones for long periods of time without letting the moisture and air escape.  Children shouldn’t use earphones for longer than an hour without taking breaks.

Spot hearing problems early on

Hearing problems can be tough to determine, especially when your child is still quite young.  Most children with hearing problems don’t even know that they have a problem simply because they know no better.  They don’t know what it is like to hear well and accept their hearing problem as normal.  You should learn what the signs and symptoms are of hearing loss and learn to recognize the signs of hearing loss so you can get your child the help he or she needs.