Is Vaping Around Children Safe?

Many people have turned to vape, or e-cigarettes, as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is because they believe that it is less toxic to inhale vapor instead of actual smoke. According to recent research, at least four in five adults that are parents don’t believe that vaping around their kids is bad. They vape anywhere in front of their kids, from their house to their cars. That leaves us to ask the question, is it safe to vape around our children? The truth is that there is a danger when we vape around our kids, and especially since the vapor we blow out is usually a refined aerosol by the time it leaves our tongues.

Is Vaping Around Children Safe?
Is Vaping Around Children Safe?

When we vape, we inhale nicotine in vapor form and when we exhale it comes out in the form of an aerosol with high concentrations of nicotine, dangerous for the brain development of children. There are three ways through which vaping makes children get nicotine into their systems, as we will see below:

  • Inhaling – this is when the kids inhale the air that is vaped by the adults.
  • By ingesting – nicotine is a sticky substance and when it is vaped out of the system by adults, it tends to stick to substances, coating everything around it. now, we all know the way that children like touching everything and putting their hands into their mouths before you can get to wash their hands. They end up ingesting a lot of nicotine.
  • Skin absorption – children have relatively thin skins when compared to adults and when the aerosol comes in contact with their skin, it tends to get absorbed instantly into their systems.

Those alone should be reason enough never to vape around your kids if you love them. Put restrictions in your vaping habits for their well-being.

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Adults can continue vaping as long as the right precautions are done. The vendors also need to take precautions, just the way that The Vape Shop only allows people over the age limit of 18 to visit their online store that deals with vape products. Some of the products that are found on their online store are their portable and ergonomic Suorin Air Pods Starter Kits. The Suorin Air Pods Starter Kits available on their website include:

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In regard to this article, you should note that the website clearly states that some of the products can contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance that can be harmful to health. Another harmful product that can be found in some of their products is vegetable glycerin, found in e-juice. The products should be kept away from children and pets for their safety.


It isn’t bad for adults to enjoy however they want, but while doing so, they should ensure that the kids aren’t in harm’s way. Shop for vape products on the Vape Shop, use them, but not around kids.