4 Healthcare Jobs that Can Be Interesting to Your Child

True education starts at the child’s home. As a parent, part of your responsibility is to steer your kids to the right path so that they would know what to do when they are older. Typically, children who have not yet set foot in college have very little knowledge of what kind of careers they would want to pursue. It is important to lay out a nice foundation for them so they would have options to choose from.

The medical field is one of the most popular industries that kids are drawn to. If you see that one of your children is leaning more towards a career in medicine, nurture that interest so that it can grow even more. The medical field is one of the most high-paying industries in today’s society. Additionally, there’s also a great sense of fulfillment in this industry because you will be helping people.

Healthcare Jobs

Below are some of the popular medical jobs that can also be fitting for your child:


Phlebotomists maybe largely underrated in the medical field but they actually play a great role in treating patients. These healthcare professionals are specialized in collecting blood from patients for reasons such as lab examinations and such. There are typically no degree requirements in this type of job but certifications or phlebotomist training is still necessary.

Nurse Assistant

Nursing assistants (or nurse’s aides) usually work in nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospices and hospitals. They are tasked to help patients perform daily tasks like feeding, taking medicines, walking, simple exercises and going to the bathroom. Just like nurses, these medical workers tend to develop a strong bond with the patients because they spend so much time with them. They play a key role in the recovery and well-being of their patients.


Pharmacists work in several medical environments like pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, universities, military bases and more. Some of their responsibilities include advising patients about medicines, supervising medicine supplies in the premises, medicine sales, medicine preparation and assessment, and more. Strong academics are required to be accepted in this job. Many aspiring pharmacists get a bachelor’s degree in a lab-related science (or related courses) before getting into pharmacy.

Dialysis Technician

Dialysis Technicians are the main caregivers of patients who are going through dialysis treatments. Aside from the requirement of being highly skilled with the dialysis procedure and machines, these medical professionals also need to be caring and understanding of their patients. They have a very hands-on job with the patients, which make them a vital part of the recovery procedure. This kind of job typically requires a high school diploma, coursework and training, and some on-the-job experience.

There are several more healthcare jobs that your child can pursue. The great thing about this field is it does not require a lot of schooling but they can pay a pretty handsome salary. If you do not have the finances to send your children to finish a 4-year course in a university, consider these high-paying healthcare jobs instead.


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