10 Kids Play Room Must Haves

Any parent will tell you that a playroom in the house is absolutely glorious!  Playrooms are great for keeping kids toys in one place and these rooms are absolutely fantastic for indoor play time, to keep children safe and to give them a dedicated area where they can just have fun, learn and explore.  The only hard part is figuring out what to include in your playroom so children will stay busy for a long time.  Here are 10 must haves that every playroom absolutely needs for overall learning and playing efficiency:

10 Kids Play Room Must Haves

  1. Small TV set

Sure, too much television is terrible for your child’s health but there are also plenty of educational shows that greatly benefit children.  A small TV set in the playroom can be incredibly useful if mom or dad has work to tend to, during sick days or during rainy and cold weather because kids can stay safe and busy.

  1. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be great for a playroom because mom can decide exactly what music to play while kids are having fun in the room.  The Bluetooth speaker can also be connected to the small TV set while children enjoy educational TV shows.  Speaker Digital is a terrific review site where you can check out some reviews on the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

  1. Cozy reading corner

Reading is tremendously beneficial for children.  Create a reading corner in your play room that contains plenty of storage space for books as well as cozy seating that is big enough to handle children and parents especially if your playroom is created for younger kids.

  1. Desk and chair

Of course your playroom needs a good desk and chair where children can enjoy coloring or even do their homework.

  1. Road carpet

Carpets are fantastic for improving indoor play but a road carpet is a must especially if your little one loves to play with cars.

  1. Huge chalkboard

Chalkboards are great for drawing and can also be great for learning if mom and dad want to explain something to their little ones.  You can consider painting a door, a wall or part of a wall for a gigantic chalk board.

  1. Storage

Invest in plenty of storage solutions for toys and especially for educational toys so you can still maintain a neat play area and teach children to put away their toys when play time is over.

  1. Magnetic wall

A magnetic wall can be great for learning because children can add magnetic numbers create words with magnetic letters or simply stick notes and drawings to the wall.

  1. Art display

Create a space where children can display their art.  A pin board can be a terrific solution or perhaps even several picture frames that they can regularly update.

  1. Posters

ABC posters, animal posters, opposite posters, counting posters and more are all great for decorating a play room and for helping kids remember these important learning topics.