Teaching Children Entrepreneurial Skills

There are many reasons why we should teach our children entrepreneurial skills from an early age. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of those reasons.

Teaching Children Entrepreneurial Skills
Teaching Children Entrepreneurial Skills

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the first thing that is instilled in children, and this can be done by being a good role model to children. Encourage then to air their opinions, make their decisions, and back up their ideas, even when they are wrong. Let them learn from their experiences.

Durability and Resilience

Durability and resilience are what form thick skin, and they are found in an entrepreneur. Let your kids understand that life is not always about pleasure, success, and without pain. Prepare children for pain and failure.

Problem Solving

In order to become an entrepreneur, one has to be a critical thinker. This means that kids who learn entrepreneurship from an early age, they learn to solve problems.

Creativity and Innovative Thinking

To become an entrepreneur, one needs to think out of the box, which means creativity. This is important when it comes to solving problems in this quickly evolving world.

Goal Setting

Entrepreneurship involves measuring, setting goals, planning how to reach those goals, and getting to those goals. This is what keeps any business moving forward. Children learn how to create effective goals. You can teach them this by telling them about your own goals, and your game plan on how to reach those goals.


To become an entrepreneur, one needs to have initiative and motivation. These are two things children can learn from entrepreneurship, since they will see you taking initiative and model themselves after you.


Successful entrepreneurs are effective leaders, and this is because they have the ability to empathize. This is because they are people who see other people’s views, understanding them better. Treating kids as people who have minds of their own is one way that you can teach them about empathy. It will show them how to forge meaningful relationships in life, how to communicate with others, and how to express themselves.

Different Types of Marketing

As entrepreneurs, one of the things which can propel you to success is effective marketing. In this part of the article, we are going to try and understand the different types of marketing. We are going to take a look at four different types of marketing.

One of the most popular marketing types is influencer marketing, which has been popularized by social media platforms. Influencers are people who have large followings on these platforms, or people who can influence large followings. Good examples are celebrities and many television and radio hosts.

The next one is environmental marketing, which focuses on marketing “green” products. This means less plastics and more of recyclable stuff.

The third one is keyword marketing, which is effective on the internet. It includes search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred to. With keyword marketing, certain phrases or keywords, aimed at a certain audience, are used so that products appear at the top of search engine pages

Fourth, is relationship marketing, where products or services create long lasting relationships with their customers. This is done using things like behavioral analytics for targeting and retaining customers.


Teach your children about entrepreneurship from an early age and it will add more value and prepare them for the future.

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Children and Entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur, one of the best things that you can do is to teach your children how to become one, themselves. This will not only sharpen the children’s entrepreneurial skills, it will also give you the right balance in life if you were wondering how to balance your work with taking care of the kids, and other roles. There are many advantages to having the children learn about how to become entrepreneurs, and in this article, we are going to look at the advantages of children and entrepreneurship.

Children and Entrepreneurship

A Better Work Ethic

Children tend to develop a better work ethic when they are in an entrepreneurship environment as compared to those who are not. They tend to get a more positive work ethic, being that they are exposed to entrepreneurship, firsthand. Being that they are thrown right into the deep end of entrepreneurship by exposing them to business operations, they get the logic of hard work, whether it is filing papers, clearing tables in a restaurant, etc.

More Respect for Money

Children who learn about entrepreneurship from an early age tend to respect money more, unlike those who think that money grows on trees. They understand that they need to work for the money and not just wait for it to be given to them.

Creative Thinking

In order to start the business and keep it growing, it needs a lot of creativity. This also comes in handy when tackling challenges and setbacks. This is something that will go a long way in helping the kids to think creatively.

Better People Skills

When kids work in a business, they are forced to interact with other people, including those that they are not familiar with. This tends to give them better people skills, especially if they are the shy type.

Better Goal Setting

Most children will start something out of excitement and then move on without completing the task, usually out of boredom somewhere in between the task. However, when kids see their parents setting goals and completing them, they become better at setting clear and attainable goals for themselves.

Hiveage – Free Invoice Generator

There are many things that children can learn in entrepreneurship, and one of them is dealing with finances. Depending on the scope of business, there are many different financial aspects that the children can learn from the business. One of them is invoicing. The way that things work has greatly changed with almost all operations being assisted by automated processes. It is however, important to teach children how to invoice manually before you introduce them to more convenient invoicing methods such as the one by Hiveage. This free online invoice generator enables users to perform the following functions:

  • Requesting payments from clients
  • Tracking sales
  • Tracking stock and inventory
  • Forecasting and planning for the future in regards to past and present data
  • Record tax filings


Teaching children entrepreneurship from an early age should be something that we should all strive to do. Based on the advantages mentioned above, it makes more sense.

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All About Play

Have you ever wondered if play for children really mattered? Many might consider it as just fooling around, but play actually plays a very important part in the development of children. Whether it is running, riding bikes, hide and seek, or just fooling around with their creativity, it is something that should be encouraged. In this article, I am going to tell you why.

All About Play
All About Play

It is a Time to Learn

Yes, you heard that right. Play time is learning time for children, improving things like their motor skills, cognitive skills, vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills. They can count the change given at a pretend grocery store, improving their cognitive skills in the process.

It Is Healthy

Play usually means that kids are running, biking, walking, on the move, and this is good because it keeps them in good shape and away from conditions like obesity.

It Reduces Stress

Play is something that takes care of stress and anxiety among children, very quickly. It keeps their minds busy and helps them to grow emotionally.

Think Outside the Box

Play can be simple, and complicated, depending on the type of play. There are games that toll the mind, others symbolic, others that require adhering to rules, the list is endless. This means that there are many different ways that children can learn through play, and it also varies in the way that it impacts their health. Screen time on play, for example, is unhealthy compared to running in the backyard.

Play and Learning Work Together

Ever heard of the phrase, “All work and play make Jack a dull boy?” Well, that is very true because play to the kids is a lab, where they can put their minds to work, just like what a lab is to a science lecture.

Play Outdoors

Back in the day, play was all about the outdoors, building forts on the beach, or skiing in the snow along with the neighborhood kids. It was mad fun. Today, the kids are more inclined to get lost in a Playstation game, which is not healthy at all. Encourage them to play outdoors.

Trust Your Own Playful Instincts

When you were a child, chances are that play came as naturally as the way the sun rises every morning. Let your kids have the same sort of experience too, while they can.

It’s a Context for Learning

While at play, children are learning, practicing, and reinforcing what they learn. There is some learning that one cannot even get in a classroom, but can get in play. Play is learning while putting it in practice.

Moody 3D Rendering and Animation

As the kids get creative with their play, Moody 3D in Vancouver, CA, are also getting creative, but in a different way. Dealing with architectural designs, Moody 3D is a digital that makes architectural designs come to life through 3D imagery and animation. They have the innovation of the digital future with them right now, and are the go to marketing platform for architects.


Children should never be stopped from playing, it is their right. The creative people behind Moody 3D were once kids and their creativeness led them to create the best creative studio in the world.

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Electrical Safety for Kids

We all know the dangers that electricity can pose to our families, and particularly the kids. Kids are known to be adventurous and always trying out experiments, and I remember myself getting the shock of my life one time when I pushed my fingers into a socket and flipped the switch on. I must have been 3 or 4 years old at the time. That is an experience that I would never wish upon anyone, which is why I now advocate for teaching children about electricity from an early age. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of teaching electrical safety to kids

Electrical Safety for Kids
Electrical Safety for Kids

The Human Body and Electricity

You should let the children know that the body is a good conductor of electricity since it is made of 60% water. Give them safety tips of when they come in touch with live wires, exposure to electrical outlets, short circuits, etc. such tips can include touching the ground when they are exposed to such situations. Let them know the dangers that it could pause, and that the power could even kills them.

Importance of Electrical Insulation

Teach the children the importance of insulation covers or tapes, and why they cover wires and cables. Teach them the importance of ensuring that these insulation coverings are always in place and never loose, and why they should never touch appliances in the event that their insulations are loose.

Use Visual Aids

Teach the children about electricity in exciting ways, and one of these is by use of visual aids such as cartoons, charts, photos, etc. they are more likely to grasp what you are teaching them if they see it in a cartoon or animation, than if you sat them down to talk about it – boring

Keep Repeating

Kids are kids, and you might say something and it goes right out the other ear. This is the reason why you should keep repeating, even though when they look like they are paying attention. Use different methods such as the ones we mentioned in the last point. Show them the movies, cartoons, animations, books, etc., over and over until they finally grasp it.

Keep it Interesting

In order to keep the children’s attention, it is important to keep the lessons interesting. Children have very short attention spans and you have to find interesting ways of keeping them engaged.

Electrician Parma

Despite teaching the children about electricity, it is always important to make sure that your electrical appliances and other components are in good order. This will reduce the chances of the children getting into danger. This is why companies like Electrician Parma, OH. These are specialists who are licensed and insured, dealing with all manner of electrical problems within the Parma area. They are on call for emergencies 24-hours a day and can also come to your property for inspection should you need help. Offering services that are residential and commercial, Electrician Parma, OH, are your one stop shop.


It is important to keep safe at all times, and especially for the kids. By teaching them and ensuring that the house is safe, you are keeping them safe.

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Teaching Children Honesty

It is important to teach children about honesty from an early age. This is something that will affect their future as adults, and it should therefore be taken very seriously. Below are some ways on how to teach children to be honest.

Teaching Children
Teaching Children Honesty

Reward the Truth

Most parents are very quick to reprimand children when they make mistakes. It is also very important that they reward the kids, and especially when it comes to honesty, through praise and hugs. This is something that will boost their confidence.

Speak the Truth

Start the truth by speaking it yourself and teaching your kids to speak it too. Show them that it is wrong to give false compliments, and that they should always find something positive to say about others. They should know how to control their words, and especially if there is nothing kind to say.

Say the Hard Truth

They should learn to say the hard truth even if it means hurting other people’s feelings. Imagine if your son saw one of his classmates cheating in an exam! The right thing would be to tell the friend to stop it. If the friend does not stop, the next thing would be to tell the teacher. That is what the hard truth is all about.

Model the Truth

As said earlier, you are the role model to your kids and that means that you don’t want them to hear you telling lies, not even the harmless white lies. Live by the truth and your kids will learn from you.

Don’t Put Them to the Test

Do not put the kids to test by asking them questions to test their integrity because it could give them the idea of passing the blame elsewhere. Questions such as, “Did you break a plate?” should be avoided as they could encourage the kids to divert the blame.

Give Consequences

We all make mistakes, and if they are dishonest, you will finally catch up to them. In this case, there should be consequences for those actions. This will find it not worth it to life again.

Correct Mistakes

Correct them when they make mistakes. Explain to them the disadvantages of lying and the mistrust it creates.

Follow Through on Promises

You want your children to learn about trust, and that should begin with you. Keep your promises and your kids will do the.

The Birch Gold Difference

Still on the topic of honesty, we are now going to take a look at the Birch Group. This is a company that has gotten into partnerships with other companies with the aim of ensuring Americans can get the best out of their retirement savings. They help people to plan their retirement portfolios. This is the go to company for people who are planning their investments, and it has been endorsed by the likes of Ben Shapiro, Newt Gingrich, and Steve Bannon. Birch Gold Group have created trust in the American people when it comes to providing factual information to guide their decisions on investments.


Trust and truthfulness are important components in our lives, and should be instilled from an early age. This same trust is the reason why you should go to the Birch Gold Group to help plan your retirement investments.

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The Benefits of Play for Children

For children, play is an essential part of their lives. Back in the day there was plenty of space for the kids to play, but with all the urbanization of nowadays, getting open spaces for them to play in is becoming trickier. Stone and concrete are all over, and the kids are quickly thrown into school almost as soon as they are born. Play, however, is a very important aspect of a child’s life for many reasons, and we should all try and ensure that our children get it. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of play for children.

The Benefits of Play for Children
The Benefits of Play for Children
  • It helps them learn

Play helps children to learn different skills, physical abilities, vocabularies, as well as social and literacy skills needed for their everyday life.

  • Play is healthy

It keeps the children healthy and strong, preventing them from contracting conditions such as obesity.

  • Play eases stress

Play is a good way for your kids to release anxiety and stress, which is good for emotional growth and more happiness.

  • Play is more than meets the eye

Play has differing complexities in terms of rules, symbolism, outdoors, indoors, screenplay, and all of these factors have varying effects or impacts on the children.

  • Make time for play

Parents are supposed to be the first supporters of their children and they should therefore create as much time for their kids to play. This is something that will help the children to develop cognitive skills, vocabulary, physical fitness, and social and physical development.

  • Play and learning run together

One thing about play is that kids are always learning, and too much learning without play would make the kids dull. Play and learning are married, something like doing physical exams in labs.

  • Play outdoors

It is good to let your kids enjoy the outdoors. I still have fond memories of making forts in the sand, or riding bicycles with my friends. This is not only healthy; it creates lasting friendships and lasting memories.

The World of Kidtropolis

There are many ways that you can encourage your kids to play such as buying those toys or equipment, taking them to play groups, or better still, taking them to places like the World of Kidtropolis. The World of Kidtropolis is a venue based in Richmond, BC, Canada, where kids can go and take part in several activities set out for them. These activities are meant to aid children in the following ways:

  • Social and emotional skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Language skills
  • Nurturing the imagination

You must be wondering what these activities are! They include birthday party, kid’s camps, kids night out, and pretend play. Parents can book their children for these events at set times. For the moment, the World of Kidtropolis is working at limited capacity while adhering to the provincial health guidelines in relation to covid-19. This means that your kids will be safe there.


For the reasons above, you should know that it is important to let your children play. Let them attend activities like the ones offered at the World of Kidtropolis and it will forever change their lives.

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How to start a toys business

The toys industry is one of the under-explored sectors, and yet it is very profitable. You have to be strategic and have the right niche, and you are set. Kids will always need toys to play with. Even with the rise of PlayStation and video games, nothing can replace the other toys. Some of the factors to keep in mind to successfully start a toys business include:

How to start a toys business
How to start a toys business

Market research

Before you venture into anything, market research is a must. It is only through research that you will know if there are gaps and how to fill them. Through research, you will understand your competitors better to know how to outshine them. The study will help you know about the different toys in the market and their history, to help you choose a market niche. It is also vital to know about the trends in the market so that you can create a match.

Mode of operation

After doing market research and deciding that it is something that you want to do, you have to decide on your mode of operation. Are you planning to manufacture/invent the toys, or you will sell toys already in the market? What approach do you prefer? If you decide on manufacturing, which companies will you use? There are companies such as qmolding that will do that for you as they use injection molding to make the toys. The mode of operation that you decide on will be influenced by the budget that you will have.

Business plan

A business plan is essential for any business. It helps to guide you on the critical factors of a business, and that will help in your success. With the plan, you will know about the marketing strategies, pricing, etc. You will also be able to identify your goals and objectives, and that will help you in being successful.

Location of business

In the current age, many businesses start online before having a physical location. You don’t have to follow that strategy, but it has worked for many and can work for you.


For most people, the stumbling block to them starting a business is funds. There are many sources of funds that you can explore. The first and most accessible source is through savings. For savings, it depends on your budget and how much you save. You can save through mutual funds and other investment vehicles to earn more as it comes with interest. Another approach would be seeking loans from different sources, such as banks and financial institutions. The other source of funds is through VC’s and angel investors. When it comes to this business, you don’t have to start big as that may be expensive. You can start small and scale up with time, especially if you are limited financially. The key to a successful business is to have a strong foundation, and that can be achieved by research and knowing your why. The kind of staff that you work with will also have a bearing on your success.

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How parents can deal with their kid’s allergies

Allergies are prevalent with kids; about 25% of kids have allergies. Unfortunately, it is not a situation that can be cured; we are forced to live with it and manage it. Some parents may be lucky as some kids may outgrow their allergies, or the situation may be better as they grow. Allergies may cause so much discomfort in kids and complicate the simple everyday things. Some of the ways you can deal with allergies include:

How parents can deal with their kid’s allergies
How parents can deal with their kid’s allergies

Seek medical attention

The first step once you discover that your child has an allergy is to consult a doctor. Many allergists can help to pinpoint the allergens that your child reacts to. It is only by knowing what your child responds to that you can be able to manage it. The best way to manage allergies is avoiding allergens. When you visit the doctor, they can do a patch test and many other tests to detect the allergen. They can also give you antihistamines or allergy shots, which helps to relieve you from the allergic reaction.

Right cleaning methods

There is a large number of children who are allergic to pets, dust, mold, etc. In such a case, you may be obliged to invest in the right cleaning tools. For example, you can invest in the best robot vacuum for pet hair. Once you deal with pet hair and dust, it will help alleviate the triggers. You can also invest in buying an air purifier that has HEPA filters to filter all impurities from the air.

Increase the vitamin c intake

Vitamin C is excellent at increasing the immunity of the body, and that makes it easy for it to fight microbes and diseases. Vitamin C is useful especially when it comes to dealing with allergy rhinitis. Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus foods, pineapples, broccoli, and most vegetables. If one is prone to colds due to allergies, vitamin C may be a good solution.

Get the right tools

Once you know allergy triggers, you can invest in the right tools. That includes dehumidifiers/humidifiers, saline kettle, air conditioners, etc.

Avoid the allergens

As mentioned before, the surest way of dealing with triggers is by avoiding them. If your child is allergic to a particular food, it is best to avoid it. If it is pollens, the solution would be avoiding much of outdoors during the pollen season.

When it comes to coping with kids with allergies, creativity is essential. You should be ready to adjust accordingly. Plans alternative activities that will help them avoid triggers. Eat alternative foods if they are allergic to certain foods. Be sure to adhere to any medication as it helps a big deal. Allergies are not a death sentence; your kids can still enjoy life with allergies. They should also not be ignored as they may progress to something else. For example, some allergies can progress to asthma, which is even worse.

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How to Move Houses When You Have Kids

As soon as you have kids in the picture, everything changes. One of the things that people dread, especially when they have kids is moving. It means that you have to plan more for everything to turn out well. Kids can also get exhausting with the moving process, and hence they have to be prepared well in all aspects, including psychologically.

In the modern age, moving does not have to be stressful as it would many years ago. There are movers’ companies, and they have brought so much convenience. There is a misconception that movers’ companies are only great for valuable items. The truth is that movers’ companies can move almost anything, they bring in so much convenience that is desired by everyone. Some of the factors that you should keep in mind when looking for movers include:

Their services

Different companies offer different services, and it would be wrong to assume it’s a one size fits all kind of situation. For example, you may find a particular company that is specialized in moving music equipment such as piano movers Madison, and you may find another company that is specialized in moving companies. It is better to find out what the company offers to know if they will fit your needs.

How to Move Houses When You Have Kids
How to Move Houses When You Have Kids

Their area of operation

It is good to know what areas the company operates. This is especially important if you are moving across cities, across states, or countries. If you plan to move internationally, it is good to confirm the company can do that.

Insurance coverage

This is essential, especially if you have valuable items. When you are moving, you may lose some things, and some may get damaged. If the company has coverage, it gives you the confidence that they will be liable for any damages or losses.


Different companies charge customers differently, as they all have different price policies. You should, therefore, inquire about the company and the pricing model that they use. You need to understand their pricing to avoid hidden costs. In most cases, you might have to compare quotations from different companies to find your best match.

The credibility of the company

It is good to deal with a credible company. You can confirm their credibility by checking if it is registered and if it is a member of any relevant bodies. It is also good to know the number of years they have been in operation. More experience always means better as they are sure of what they are doing.


It is only through reviews that you can get to know about the reputation of the company. You would not want to end up with a company that many people have complained about. The experiences other customers have had with the company can give you an expectation of the company. If many customers are satisfied with the service, then you are likely also to be happy with the service. There are many sites where you can get reviews such as the company website, Google, or Yelp.

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The Importance of Play Therapy

We always hear of adults going for therapy and we know just how important it is for them. To kids, play is their therapy since it is easier for them to express how they are feeling. It is the language that kids know how to communicate through, and their toys and playmates are their therapists. Play is very crucial in the development of children and therapists know this and use it as their therapy since a bond is created between the children and therapists.

The Importance of Play Therapy
The Importance of Play Therapy

Children best understand their emotions through play, and that is also when they can learn behaviours that are helpful to them. It helps the children know how to tackle their inner conflicts, this is also the best way for the kids to learn other things such as self-control, communication skills, problem solving, and problem solving, and even modifying behaviours that are a problem to others.

Play is also important when it comes to dealing with parental issues. Parents could be going through situations that they do not wish the kids to witness, and especially those in the 3-11-year old. age group. Their issues could include depression, divorce, grief, anger, and a host of other things.

Play therapy for kids is very important in addressing your child’s issues, some of which you might not know how to handle yourself. It is important to let them go out and play for the reasons mentioned above.

Erik Anderson Therapy

Shifting away from children and play therapy, we are now going to take a look at adult therapy. People go to therapy for all manner of reasons depending on their situations, and at times it can be difficult finding a therapist who will understand exactly what you need. This is why in this part of the article, we are going to talk about Erik Anderson Therapy. This is a top-rated therapist in Playa Vista who deals with two types of therapy, couple counselling and individual therapy. He also covers Culver City and Mar Vista. One of the reasons of his massive success with his therapy is the fact that he uses well researched, evidence-based practices, and feedback informed treatment.

Erik Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who understands that each of his clients have unique needs with different expectations, and his experience and training has made him know exactly how to achieve each of their expectations. He gives each one of them a customized approach to their treatment, helping them through emotional experiences. He helps them get over their depression and anxieties, letting them regain control of their lives. He is compassionate and yet direct with his clients, since he believes that the best results are not in just listening and support. The change almost always never happens overnight, and Erik understands this, holding his client’s hands throughout their time with him.


The very same way that adults need therapy, kids need their play. While it is easy for kids to identify what games they like playing, it might be harder for the adults. Erik Anderson Therapy would be a good place for them to begin.

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