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Creating a Social Conscience in Your Children

We could talk about the importance of political consciousness in children, and in fact we will touch on that, but a social conscience is even more important. Children are confronted by a selfish, me-focused, existence. And, unless we choose to navigate through that muck and reveal to them the value of other people and the world around them, the cycle will remain unbroken. We will continue to destroy the planet and one another.

As we warned, we will touch on the value of political consciousness mostly because the political landscape is often the venue for social change. Philadelphia 3.0, a nonpartisan organization, formed by business leaders is trying to change the landscape of their city and its Council. They came into existence when the Mayor attempted to sell the city’s gas company to an entity in another state. These are the types of maneuvers that compromise integrity and hurt social morale. We want our children to see through these things and stand above them. But how?

Creating a Social Conscience in Your Children

6 Steps to Take to Open Your Child’s Social Conscience

Before your child can advocate for others, or the planet, he must have his social conscience opened. There are steps to take to help him see a wider world than that in which he daily traverses. The steps and procedures will hopefully allow you to create a young one who not only cares about the environment, but also about the people and creatures who live within it. Consider these 6 ideas as you take steps to open your child’s social conscience:

  1. Recycle- If you take the time to employ the recycle bins provided by your local sanitation department, your children will see that you value the planet. And, since they are young and are currently hoping to grow up to be like you, they will take the initiative to learn the value of participating in that endeavor.
  2. Meals- Children are watching your every move. Take the time to prepare a meal with them that is designed to help someone in need. You could make a meal for a family who has lost a loved one or gained a wee one. Letting your kids help make and deliver the meal gets them invested in the process. Learn more.
  3. Compliment- Everyone loves to be given authentic compliments. Do that with your kids. Teach them the value of positive words by providing them with a daily compliment. Watch as they begin to offer similar complimentary words to those around them (even their siblings).
  4. Pen Pal– Let them have the experience of learning about other places around the world. Seek out a pen pal with whom they can regularly correspond. Encourage them to ask questions about the culture and lifestyles of those they write to.
  5. Travel- Believe it or not, planning your next vacation around educational opportunities can be fun. You can allow your children to see the world around them while simultaneously teaching them the ecological, political, and social differences in each place. Read this.
  6. Discuss- When your kids encounter a homeless person, panhandler, or someone with a disability, utilize it as an opportunity to teach through exposure. Ask them what they think and how they feel about what they have seen. Have them consider ways in which they could help those they meet, or be an encouragement to them.

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Teaching Children How to Sing – Making It Fun

There are a lot of children who wish that they can sing well so their parents would support them and enroll them in classes that will allow them to learn more about singing. Teachers usually know if a child has a good singing voice or not but would still have to teach everyone how they can improve their techniques in singing.

A teacher should never do something that can hurt children’s feelings. Even if they cannot sing as well as their peers with naturally good singing voices, they can be taught so they can maximize the use of their singing voice.

As a teacher, you should realize that the most important thing is to teach children proper vocal techniques. It is not about criticizing those who cannot sing, it is about letting children know how they can sing without damaging their vocal chords in the process.

Teaching Children How to Sing - Making It Fun

Children will have different reasons why they would like to sing. Some would love to sing because they want to have a career in the music industry when they grow up. Perhaps they like to check out and they want to learn more about music in general.

If you want to teach children how to sing, here are a few things that you can do:

  1. There is a need for children to do some stretching and posture exercises first. Posture can improve anyone’s singing voice. Even if a child naturally has a good, singing voice, nothing will happen if the child does not have the right posture when singing. By teaching children the proper posture that they should follow, it can give a lot of benefits for the body.
  2. Teach children how they should breathe when singing. There are some amateur singers who are always out of breath because they have not learned proper breathing techniques yet. It is a good thing that this can be learned and children can learn the proper techniques at an early age so that they will remember this until they grow older.
    • Teach children that while they are breathing in, their stomachs should grow bigger and as they exhale, their stomachs would tighten.
    • There is a need to do buzzing exercises as well in order to improve the child’s breathing technique.
    • The sounds released by children should not sputter. This is when you will know if they are following the proper breathing techniques that you are teaching them.
  1. Make sure that children will be ear-trained. In order to do this, you should ask the children to imitate the note that they will hear when you are playing the piano. If you do not know how to play the piano, there are some musical exercises that you can play that children can follow. The more times that children can follow the notes, the more trained they are. Learn more about lessons that you can teach children from here.
  2. Do not forget to organize performances for children. Children would love to show their parents their progress and for sure, parents will be equally happy as well.

There will be times when you will come across some students whom you feel are truly talented. You know that they can offer so much to the world. You can click here to find out more about what you can do for them.…

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