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The Importance of Play Therapy

We always hear of adults going for therapy and we know just how important it is for them. To kids, play is their therapy since it is easier for them to express how they are feeling. It is the language that kids know how to communicate through, and their toys and playmates are their therapists. Play is very crucial in the development of children and therapists know this and use it as their therapy since a bond is created between the children and therapists.

The Importance of Play Therapy
The Importance of Play Therapy

Children best understand their emotions through play, and that is also when they can learn behaviours that are helpful to them. It helps the children know how to tackle their inner conflicts, this is also the best way for the kids to learn other things such as self-control, communication skills, problem solving, and problem solving, and even modifying behaviours that are a problem to others.

Play is also important when it comes to dealing with parental issues. Parents could be going through situations that they do not wish the kids to witness, and especially those in the 3-11-year old. age group. Their issues could include depression, divorce, grief, anger, and a host of other things.

Play therapy for kids is very important in addressing your child’s issues, some of which you might not know how to handle yourself. It is important to let them go out and play for the reasons mentioned above.

Erik Anderson Therapy

Shifting away from children and play therapy, we are now going to take a look at adult therapy. People go to therapy for all manner of reasons depending on their situations, and at times it can be difficult finding a therapist who will understand exactly what you need. This is why in this part of the article, we are going to talk about Erik Anderson Therapy. This is a top-rated therapist in Playa Vista who deals with two types of therapy, couple counselling and individual therapy. He also covers Culver City and Mar Vista. One of the reasons of his massive success with his therapy is the fact that he uses well researched, evidence-based practices, and feedback informed treatment.

Erik Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who understands that each of his clients have unique needs with different expectations, and his experience and training has made him know exactly how to achieve each of their expectations. He gives each one of them a customized approach to their treatment, helping them through emotional experiences. He helps them get over their depression and anxieties, letting them regain control of their lives. He is compassionate and yet direct with his clients, since he believes that the best results are not in just listening and support. The change almost always never happens overnight, and Erik understands this, holding his client’s hands throughout their time with him.


The very same way that adults need therapy, kids need their play. While it is easy for kids to identify what games they like playing, it might be harder for the adults. Erik Anderson Therapy would be a good place for them to begin. …

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