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All About Play

Have you ever wondered if play for children really mattered? Many might consider it as just fooling around, but play actually plays a very important part in the development of children. Whether it is running, riding bikes, hide and seek, or just fooling around with their creativity, it is something that should be encouraged. In this article, I am going to tell you why.

All About Play
All About Play

It is a Time to Learn

Yes, you heard that right. Play time is learning time for children, improving things like their motor skills, cognitive skills, vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills. They can count the change given at a pretend grocery store, improving their cognitive skills in the process.

It Is Healthy

Play usually means that kids are running, biking, walking, on the move, and this is good because it keeps them in good shape and away from conditions like obesity.

It Reduces Stress

Play is something that takes care of stress and anxiety among children, very quickly. It keeps their minds busy and helps them to grow emotionally.

Think Outside the Box

Play can be simple, and complicated, depending on the type of play. There are games that toll the mind, others symbolic, others that require adhering to rules, the list is endless. This means that there are many different ways that children can learn through play, and it also varies in the way that it impacts their health. Screen time on play, for example, is unhealthy compared to running in the backyard.

Play and Learning Work Together

Ever heard of the phrase, “All work and play make Jack a dull boy?” Well, that is very true because play to the kids is a lab, where they can put their minds to work, just like what a lab is to a science lecture.

Play Outdoors

Back in the day, play was all about the outdoors, building forts on the beach, or skiing in the snow along with the neighborhood kids. It was mad fun. Today, the kids are more inclined to get lost in a Playstation game, which is not healthy at all. Encourage them to play outdoors.

Trust Your Own Playful Instincts

When you were a child, chances are that play came as naturally as the way the sun rises every morning. Let your kids have the same sort of experience too, while they can.

It’s a Context for Learning

While at play, children are learning, practicing, and reinforcing what they learn. There is some learning that one cannot even get in a classroom, but can get in play. Play is learning while putting it in practice.

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Children should never be stopped from playing, it is their right. The creative people behind Moody 3D were once kids and their creativeness led them to create the best creative studio in the world.…

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