Fun Outdoor Sports Systems for Your Kids

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Some children are not bothered much by what is on TV and others just cannot seem to get enough of TV shows.  Yes, there are some good educational shows out there that teach kids hoards about the world and countless other things.  But children should be limited to one hour of TV a day.  This is because watching TV overstimulates your child’s mind.  The result is terrible temper tantrums, frustration and overexcited busy spurts all of which are difficult to deal with.  Too much TV can also deprive your child of valuable time that could be spent learning about the environment and bout physical and social games that provide the most benefit.  There is also the obesity issue because kids that enjoy too much TV are highly at risk of developing obesity and they don’t always develop up to speed with regards to physical milestones.

The only way to get addicted kids away from the TV and outside is by switching the TV off and by getting the right sports systems to keep them busy so they will have fun with physical activities.  Here are the top outdoor sports systems to consider for your kids.

Fun Outdoor Sports Systems for Your Kids

Fun Outdoor Sports Systems for Your Kids

Basketball sports system

This is a favorite amongst parents because there are few things that kids enjoy more than shooting hoops.  On you can check out some of the best portable basketball hoops that are perfect for an outdoor family sports zone.  With one of these basketball hoops, a basketball and a slab of cement of pavement your kids are all set for a bit of fun in the sun that is bound to result in a good overall workout.

Swimming pool

A pool is one of the best sports and entertains systems to consider for kids.  Swimming is a great workout, kids love it and it is a good way to keep the entire family nice and cool.

Pedal go-kart track

Consider sacrificing a few of your flower beds and a bit of your lawn for a ride on a pedal go-kart.  These go-karts are easy to use, they are great fun and suitable for all genders.  Create a go-kart track around your house and you will keep kids busy for hours without the TV.

Jungle gym

Jungle gyms are some of the most common outdoor activity systems for good reason.  Jungle gyms are designed to contain plenty of activities.  They usually have plenty of climbing obstacles, swinging space and mostly include a sandpit and even a small playhouse or tree house.  Playing on one of these is a superb workout for kids of all ages and a great way to keep young ones away from the TV.


A trampoline is superb for kids because it drains energy like nothing else and jumping is great for developing strong leg muscles and for enhancing balance.

These are just a few of the many outdoor activity systems that you can consider for some fun in the backyard and reduced TV time.