Electrical Safety for Kids

We all know the dangers that electricity can pose to our families, and particularly the kids. Kids are known to be adventurous and always trying out experiments, and I remember myself getting the shock of my life one time when I pushed my fingers into a socket and flipped the switch on. I must have been 3 or 4 years old at the time. That is an experience that I would never wish upon anyone, which is why I now advocate for teaching children about electricity from an early age. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of teaching electrical safety to kids

Electrical Safety for Kids
Electrical Safety for Kids

The Human Body and Electricity

You should let the children know that the body is a good conductor of electricity since it is made of 60% water. Give them safety tips of when they come in touch with live wires, exposure to electrical outlets, short circuits, etc. such tips can include touching the ground when they are exposed to such situations. Let them know the dangers that it could pause, and that the power could even kills them.

Importance of Electrical Insulation

Teach the children the importance of insulation covers or tapes, and why they cover wires and cables. Teach them the importance of ensuring that these insulation coverings are always in place and never loose, and why they should never touch appliances in the event that their insulations are loose.

Use Visual Aids

Teach the children about electricity in exciting ways, and one of these is by use of visual aids such as cartoons, charts, photos, etc. they are more likely to grasp what you are teaching them if they see it in a cartoon or animation, than if you sat them down to talk about it – boring

Keep Repeating

Kids are kids, and you might say something and it goes right out the other ear. This is the reason why you should keep repeating, even though when they look like they are paying attention. Use different methods such as the ones we mentioned in the last point. Show them the movies, cartoons, animations, books, etc., over and over until they finally grasp it.

Keep it Interesting

In order to keep the children’s attention, it is important to keep the lessons interesting. Children have very short attention spans and you have to find interesting ways of keeping them engaged.

Electrician Parma

Despite teaching the children about electricity, it is always important to make sure that your electrical appliances and other components are in good order. This will reduce the chances of the children getting into danger. This is why companies like Electrician Parma, OH. These are specialists who are licensed and insured, dealing with all manner of electrical problems within the Parma area. They are on call for emergencies 24-hours a day and can also come to your property for inspection should you need help. Offering services that are residential and commercial, Electrician Parma, OH, are your one stop shop.


It is important to keep safe at all times, and especially for the kids. By teaching them and ensuring that the house is safe, you are keeping them safe.