Benefits of Nature for Kids

Play Yards

Playtime is something that is very important for growing kids, and it is best done outdoors, where there is nature. Nature is good for their development in many ways and should never be taken for granted. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of nature for kids.

Benefits of Nature for Kids
Benefits of Nature for Kids

It Encourages Outdoor Play

Many kids in this generation tend to prefer indoor play, which isn’t healthy at all. In our days, we couldn’t wait to get outside the moment that the sun was out, but kids of these days find it ‘normal’ to play indoors. Indoor plays usually means playing computer and video games, which could make the kids lose touch with reality. When they play outdoors, in nature, they are more bound to take appropriate risks in life, and they are generally more creative.

Limits Screen Time

The amount of time that the kids nowadays are spending on TV, computer, and video games, is not healthy. We should encourage our kids to go outside and play in the backyard, or somewhere with nature. You could also plan to do something with the kids out there every so often, such as taking a hike or going on a nature vacation.

Physical and Mental Benefits

When the kids are out there chasing after things like butterflies, listening to the birds singing, watching the clouds move, tasting wild berries, and breathing in the fresh air, it is beneficial to them physically and mentally. Their senses and motor skills are greatly improved, and it is a good break from their academic lives.

Nature Gets the Best Out of Your Kids

When the kids play outdoors, their minds are fresh due to nature out there, and where there are no limits, unlike in a closed environment. The kids are exposed to all sorts of different situations where they learn and adapt. They also get to learn different things such as types of plants, animals, insects, sports, and many other things.

Social Benefits

There are many self-destructive habits that are associated with indoor playing, while the outside world is full of opportunities, where they can meet and interact with playmates, helping, sharing, learning, and solving.

Emerald Ash Borer

Some of the things that the kids could learn from being outside are insects. Kids are generally very curious and will notice the tiniest of things. There are both constructive and destructive insects, and in the destructive group lies the Emerald Ash Borer. This beetle is a pest that is threatening the existence of the Ash tree in more than 20 states in the US. Its larvae grow inside the stem of the Ash tree, after which the beetle eats away through the stem as it finds it’s way out, leaving a “D” shaped exit. The leaves of the Ash Tree begin to dry and the tree finally dies due to the fact that their water supply is cut off. The United States spends more than $120 billion annually in a bid to control the Emerald Ash Borer.

The tree can be treated by being applied to a treatment every two years. Failure to apply the treatment even once will mean that the whole exercise is a waste. People can also remove the Ash trees and replace them with other tree species, so as not to have a negative impact on the environment. The other option is to watch the trees wasting away to the beetles.


Kids should be encouraged to go outside and bond with nature since it has way more benefits that playing indoors, as seen above.

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7 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are the Best for Families with Children

Do you have a family or have you always dreamt of having children?  Are you planning on upgrading your home?  Raising little ones is quite a lot of hard work.  These tiny humans may seem small and vulnerable but they can cause quite a lot of damage to your home.  Kids are messy all the time and it can be hard to keep your home clean, especially if you have a particularly light floor tile or carpets inside the house.  Timber flooring is one of the best flooring types you can possibly pick if you are planning on raising a family.  Here are a few of the many reasons for this to be the best flooring type for families with small children;

7 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are the Best for Families with Children
7 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are the Best for Families with Children

1.     Reduced Allergies and Sinus Conditions

Small children with dust, pollen and pet hair allergies are much healthier in homes with hardwood floors.  This is because these particles cannot settle into carpet fibers.  Everything can be swept up with the best vacuum for hardwood floors and all of the dust, germs, pollen, pet hair and other dirt on your floor will immediately be eliminated inside the house.  This can reduce allergy attacks or sinus problems dramatically.

2.     Warmer in the Winter

Hardwood floors are much warmer during winter time than tiled or concrete flooring.  This is because wood naturally feels warmer and chill free to the touch.  This warmer flooring solution is healthier for little ones that hate wearing shoes since they cannot get a chill quite as easily.

3.     Cooler during Summer

On hot summer days, wooden floors are much cooler than carpets.  This is very beneficial for saving energy and for keeping little ones from overheating when the temperature just won’t stop rising.

4.     Easier To Clean

Hardwood flooring is very easy to clean. All you need is a good vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket to keep these floors clean.  You can wipe off any dirt and grime on your floors using a damp mop with mild soap and you can do this as many times as you need while taking care of your busy and very messy little human.

5.     Easy To Maintain

Raising children is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time.  If you have been struggling to make time for maintaining your house then choose timber flooring.  They don’t have much maintenance requirement at all.

6.     Durable Flooring

Hardwood floors are prone to scratching and can be damaged with water.  But aside from these drawbacks, these floors are quite tough and resilient.  If you take good care of your floors, these floors can last you a lifetime and timber certainly is tough enough to handle busy hands and feet over many years.

7.     Beautiful Flooring

Modern timber floors are available in a huge variety of shades and types.  You can create a very beautiful bedroom with great ease when you already have beautiful floors.  All you need is themed bedding and curtains, a few wall decorations and a loose rug and your child’s room will look breathtaking.

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The Best Ways for Teens to Make Money on the Sideline

It isn’t affordable to raise children in our modern time.  In today’s social media and peer pressured world children frequently feel depressed when they don’t have nice clothes, lots of modern tech or if their parents aren’t rich.  As a parent you want to give your child all the best but what if you just didn’t earn enough money for a proper allowance or for lots of accessories your child might desire? 

The Best Ways for Teens to Make Money on the Sideline
The Best Ways for Teens to Make Money on the Sideline

If your child is starting to suffer due to your financial burdens then it might be time for you to start inspiring him or her to look for ways to earn money on the sideline.  Child labor is illegal but if your child chooses to work for him or herself through odd jobs or through his own business then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  They learn so much when they start their own small businesses or take on a job. 

Here are a few good ways for your teenager to earn his or her own money on the sideline.

Make Money Online

Your child could earn money by working online.  Mom and dad can help establish an online account and request online work that the child can do if he or she desires.  These online jobs such as taking surveys, freelance writing and more are pretty simple to do and can be a very good way to earn spending money.  Find out How to Make Money Fast by checking out the articles on The site is packed with lots of info on all the best money making methods and you can scout lots of online job opportunities or freelancing gigs that your child will love to do.

Become a Pet Breeder

Your child doesn’t have to be an adult to become a pet breeder.  If he or she loves taking care of animals then try to invest in a breeding pair.  Dog, cat and bird breeding can be handy for earning extra spending money and your child will learn to be a responsible individual at an early stage.

Try Babysitting

Babysitting is a popular job for teenagers.  This is a rather challenging job but if your child is good with little ones then he or she can earn a fair amount of spending money on the sideline or during weekends. 

Become a Pet Walker

Do you live in a busy area?  Your child could become a pet walker.  All he or she needs to do is to take pets for a walk to the park so they can get plenty of exercises.  This isn’t just a good way for kids to earn money it also gives them a way to stay healthy and fit.

Lawn Mowing

This is another easy job that kids can do to earn some money.  Walk door to door or advertise lawn mowing services in your area.  This is a good job to consider because people’s lawns need to be mowed every week and it could result in lots of recurring work.

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Is Vaping Around Children Safe?

Many people have turned to vape, or e-cigarettes, as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is because they believe that it is less toxic to inhale vapor instead of actual smoke. According to recent research, at least four in five adults that are parents don’t believe that vaping around their kids is bad. They vape anywhere in front of their kids, from their house to their cars. That leaves us to ask the question, is it safe to vape around our children? The truth is that there is a danger when we vape around our kids, and especially since the vapor we blow out is usually a refined aerosol by the time it leaves our tongues.

Is Vaping Around Children Safe?
Is Vaping Around Children Safe?

When we vape, we inhale nicotine in vapor form and when we exhale it comes out in the form of an aerosol with high concentrations of nicotine, dangerous for the brain development of children. There are three ways through which vaping makes children get nicotine into their systems, as we will see below:

  • Inhaling – this is when the kids inhale the air that is vaped by the adults.
  • By ingesting – nicotine is a sticky substance and when it is vaped out of the system by adults, it tends to stick to substances, coating everything around it. now, we all know the way that children like touching everything and putting their hands into their mouths before you can get to wash their hands. They end up ingesting a lot of nicotine.
  • Skin absorption – children have relatively thin skins when compared to adults and when the aerosol comes in contact with their skin, it tends to get absorbed instantly into their systems.

Those alone should be reason enough never to vape around your kids if you love them. Put restrictions in your vaping habits for their well-being.

The Vape Shop – Suorin Air Pods Starter Kits

Adults can continue vaping as long as the right precautions are done. The vendors also need to take precautions, just the way that The Vape Shop only allows people over the age limit of 18 to visit their online store that deals with vape products. Some of the products that are found on their online store are their portable and ergonomic Suorin Air Pods Starter Kits. The Suorin Air Pods Starter Kits available on their website include:

  • Suorin Edge Ultra Portable System selling for $36.99
  • Suorin Drop Ultra Portable System selling from $24.99
  • Suorin Air V2 Ultra Portable System selling for $29.99

In regard to this article, you should note that the website clearly states that some of the products can contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance that can be harmful to health. Another harmful product that can be found in some of their products is vegetable glycerin, found in e-juice. The products should be kept away from children and pets for their safety.


It isn’t bad for adults to enjoy however they want, but while doing so, they should ensure that the kids aren’t in harm’s way. Shop for vape products on the Vape Shop, use them, but not around kids.

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How to make your kitchen kids friendly

When you have kids at home, everything you do and any decision that you make you have to consider your kids and that includes your kitchen. Your kids will probably spend time with you in the kitchen and thus it is important that you make it as friendly as possible. There are many potential dangers that may pose to be a hazard to be your kids especially if they are young. Luckily there are a few tricks you can use to make sure that your kitchen is as kid-friendly as possible. Some of the things that you can keep in mind to make sure that your kitchen is as kid-friendly as possible include:

How to make your kitchen kids friendly
How to make your kitchen kids friendly

Table Cloths

If you have a dining table in your kitchen, it is advisable not to use tablecloths as kids are likely to pull them off and if they have things on them that means that they will break. There are many alternatives that you can use such as placemats.

Store cleaning supplies

All cleaning supplies should be out of reach for children. You can find them on them, they can lick, pour or just do something mischievous that will affect both of you. Make sure you lock the cabinets where they are stored.

Store hazardous objects away

If you have any sharp objects such as knives, any lighters, and matches among many more they should be stored away. If possible, put them in a lockable drawer or in high cabinets that are out of reach for children.

Work on your floors

Slippery floors are the number one cause of accidents in the kitchen. If you don’t have a wooden floor that you can wax or polish, you can use rugs so that the floor is as friendly as possible.

Have a lockable dustbin

It is common for many kitchens to have a bin. You can, however, make sure that it is friendlier for your kids by making sure that it has a lid or it is stored away in a cabinet. You can alternatively store the bin in the pantry.

Install Cabinet locks

It is common for kids to try and get to your lower cabinets and that may cause a lot of destruction. You can make sure that your utensils are safe by installing cabinet locks.

Childproof electric places

Every kitchen has electric places and they may be a big hazard for your kids. It is important to switch and unplug any appliances that you are not using. In doing so make sure that there are no power cords dangling as kids pull them down causing accidents. You can also cover switches and cords with plastic covers in order to minimize any chances of accidents.

Put a safety gate

If your kids are hyper and they are the kid you can keep up with, you might have to look for a safety gate. That will make sure that all your sensitive areas are out of reach.

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Importance of Music to Kids

Music is a very important aspect of a kid’s growth right from infancy. When they are still infants, you will notice them swinging their toys to the tune they are listening to. That sounds like fun for the kids, but in reality, music is more than just fun for the kids. Music is very important for children in various ways, as we are going to see in this article.

It’s Calming

Music tends to calm kids of all ages, whether they are cranky or overstimulated. They tend to relax when they hear music, which can explain things like lullabies.

It Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills

When children play musical instruments, it involves the movement of their body parts, such as hands and fingers, and this improves their motor skills.

It’s A Family Tradition

There are certain songs that are played during certain family functions year after year. It tends to hold the family together, keeping with the family tradition for generations gone. The children feel like part of the family when they get to sing and perform together during such circumstances. Certain Christmas classics performed yearly are a good example.

They Can Hone Their Math Skills

Playing music involves reading it and timing it, and this generally improves their math skills. Research shows that children that play musical instruments tend to get higher scores in their math tests.

It Helps with Coordination

When playing musical instruments, there is hand to eye movements that are developed. This is also seen by listening to music, as children tend to dance to the beats. This is important for balance and coordination.

Importance of Music to Kids
Importance of Music to Kids

The Best Trumpets

Still on the subject of music, one of the instruments that children can learn to play and perfect in is the trumpet. That is the reason why we are now going to review some of the best trumpets on the market right now, starting with the best student trumpet.

LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet with Plush-Lined Case

This is the best student trumpet, coming with numerous features such as the great sound resonance and intonation that is the result of a bell and bore. The lead pipes of the trumpet are made of brass that has a clear lacquer finish, a braced tuning slide that is used for alignment, valves that are stainless steel, and a two-year limited warranty. It costs slightly under $250 and comes with free shipping.

Jean-Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

This is the perfect trumpet for beginners, featuring a larger bore that ensures that the notes are more accurate, and a brass lead pipe. It also has a 1st valve slide thumb saddle and a 3rd valve slide with an adjustable ring with slide stop. This trumpet consists of yellow brass with a beautiful gold lacquer finish.

Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S

This best intermediate, medium weight trumpet features a rose brass lead pipe along with a reverse lead pipe configuration. The trumpet also comes with a 1st valve slide thumb saddle and an adjustable 3rd valve slide ring. the trumpet is made of silver-plated yellow brass, the pistons made of stainless steel. It retails at just below $1,200 with free shipping.

Yamaha Trumpet Bb YTR 2330S Standard Silver with “Semi-Hard Case”

This is another intermediate trumpet that costs slightly less than the Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S. it comes with monel alloy pistons, a two-piece bell, a thumb saddle, and adjustable ring. The cost is slightly below $700.

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

This professional trumpet features a lead pipe and a medium-large bore retailing at slightly under $2,800, but despite the hefty price tag, is among the best you’ll find in the industry.


Music plays a major role in the development of our children and above we mentioned some of the ways in which it does that. It is, therefore, a good idea to get them started off by letting them learn to play instruments such as the trumpets reviewed above.

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How Can Parents Secure The Future of Their Kids?

The struggle of being a parent is real. When you hold your kid for the first time in your arms, it becomes everything for you. Whatever you do after that, there will always be your baby in the picture. However, kids are pricey. They would have you burn the midnight oil to get everything they need. Their future and education mean something for you and you want to secure it.

How Can Parents Secure The Future of Their Kids?
How Can Parents Secure The Future of Their Kids?

There are ways that can make the finances a non-issue for you. We are here with some tips that can help you sock away some cash for your beloved kids:

Invest Early:

More money saved means more money in the future. However, when you are planning savings for your kid’s college, it would have a deadline and you’ll need money by the time your kid starts going to college. Various financial advisors recommend a 529 fund for such expenses.

In 529 account, your money grows tax-free until you withdraw it and use it for educational expenses. It is better to start contributing as early as possible. Kids can also make a contribution to their own money.

Do not rely on just 529:

Only one account may not be enough for educational plans. You should look into other plans as well such as Uniform Transfers or Uniform Gift to Minors-Act. These accounts provide more assistance to parents. In both these accounts, the hold of these money retaining account is handed over to your kid and he/she reaches a certain age.

Keep your accounts separate:

The accounts you use regularly should be separate from other savings accounts you like to set up. There are categories of saving accounts and many suggest high-yield savings account at an FDIC-insured bank. You can also give a nickname to this fund such as ‘My boy’s or girl’s fund’. You can get a really good rate on this account.

Financial Gifts:

Kids, sometimes, get gifts from family members like they cover your tuition fees. However, there are rules for these gifts too. A gift up to the amount $14,000 a year without incurring a gift tax can make your child ineligible for aid on their free application for federal student aid. Financial experts suggest to hold off the funds and give the money when the kid graduates as a gift, particularly if they want to use the aid.

Get a lawsuit loan:

When you are relying on a lawsuit for some cash, make sure you don’t lose your current balance in order to cover the legal expenses. Yes, you may get a handsome amount of money from a company or entity who became the reason of something bad that happened to you. But, time will be required for the trial to end and you cannot get the money before that. With a shortage of money, you cannot have your lawyer get the best possible amount against your lawsuit. Don’t compromise your child’s money to cover some legal expenses when you can get a loan against your lawsuit.

Where to get a loan on your lawsuit? You don’t have to go to the bank for this loan. There are funding companies that deal with early cash settlements. The funding company you choose would examine your case and assess the amount you should be expecting. You would fill out a form to apply for the loan and this is free. Your lawyer would submit the required paperwork. Don’t get the help of loan brokers as they charge higher fees.

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What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs

Planning on redoing a children’s bathroom in your home or in your business? This is one challenging task to take on.  Those tiny human beings often find it hard to use adult bathrooms because everything is so high and especially because most bathroom activities are so challenging to accomplish when your hands are still so small. 

What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs
What Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Needs

If you are redoing your bathroom from scratch then it becomes much easier to invest in the right accessories and necessities.  Home Spa Select is a superb website to check out for all the best bathroom renovation tips.  Here are a few essentials to include in any kid-friendly bathroom.

Specialized Bathroom Ware

Children’s toilets and sinks are much lower than adult-sized bathroom ware.  If you know for a fact that children will be using the bathroom for the next 30 years then you can definitely consider investing in kid-sized bathroom ware such a toddler toilets.  If you are not opting for a complete renovation then build a steppe around the toilet and sink so small children can reach these items with ease.

Light Colors Are Always Best

Light and bright colors always look better in children’s bathrooms.  These lighter colors are cheerful and make small bathrooms look a lot roomier.  Lighter colored bathrooms also tend to look more hygienic and you can spot dirt and grime easier and clean up these messes before kids get infections or illnesses.

Choose a Theme

If you want a truly authentic kiddie’s bathroom then go for a themed bathroom.  You don’t have to paint the walls and floors according to the theme but you can invest in decorative elements and artworks to bring the theme to life.  Mermaids, sailors, fish, sea life, frogs, whales, and pirates are all superb themes to consider for your children’s bathroom.

Install Dedicated Areas for Each Child

The best way to avoid bathroom arguments is by installing dedicated storage areas for each child or for a number of children.  Add shelves where each child can put their toothbrush, toothpaste and hair accessories and add a hook for each towel underneath each shelve.

Invest In a Secure Steppe

If you are not redoing for kids specifically then you should at the very least add a strong steppe to your kid’s bathroom.  They can use this step to reach the toilet, sink and to get into the tub. 

Lay Lots of Floor mats

Floor mats are superb for decorating your bathroom according to a specific theme but can also be tremendously helpful for preventing bathroom accidents.  These floor mats absorb moisture and water so kids won’t slip and fall in the bathroom.

Add a Sitting Bench

Tiny children find it hard to get dressed.  Add a small bench to your bathroom so your little one can sit down while getting dressed or stack clothing where it cannot get wet.

Invest In Auto Faucets

Children love to play in the water and have a tendency to leave taps running for hours on end.  A good way to overcome an expensive water bill is by installing auto on and off taps in the bathroom.

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Reasons You Should Consider Samcart

The online space has become very competitive and people are looking for ways to increase their checkout page conversions. There are many ways that can be used and SamCart is one of the ways. It is a new SaaS product that has been fully embraced by digital marketers. It was specifically built to help people close sales more easily. Since its inception, it has helped over 5,000 businesses to be a success in selling online. Some of the ways in which SamCart can help in increasing checkout page conversions include:

Reasons You Should Consider Samcart
Reasons You Should Consider Samcart

High converting themes

With Samcart, you are sure of a template library of high converting theme which is very important when it comes to online marketing. The templates have been exclusively designed and tested to make sure that it works.

One click upsells

This I one feature that most checkout services are not able to offer. It gives buyers o a site more convenience without necessary needing a lot of information.

Variable customizable elements

Most of the elements on their checkout pages and upsell have been made in such a way that they can be customized. That means that it is easy to make up split tests.

Split testing

Split testing is needed for optimizing a funnel. Successful digital marketers have discovered that and thus they test every single thing that they can including checkout cart and upsells. SamCart make it easy to split test.

Mobile responsive

The ecommerce world has changed and in the recent past, people want the convenience of using their mobiles meaning everything has to be mobile responsive. That may become a challenge especially when it comes to checkout options. SamCart addresses that and makes sure that all checkout and upsell funnels are mobile friendly. Mobile conversion rates account for 10-30% which is a big number.

Quick page loads

Quick page loads mean that there is no time wasted in loading. This makes sure that movement through the funnel is as smooth as possible.

Increased sense of customer security

With Samcart, users get a heightened sense of security since the checkout page has a section that allows you to post whatever guarantee you may have. That means that customers are sure that they will be refunded if they want to.

Safety and security

Data crime and online hacking is a major concern for many online users. This is a big issue that may customers are facing. In that case SamCart makes sure that the design has integrated security and visibility by making sure that every cart is SSL encrypted. That will make sure that all the data in the site will be encrypted and business can confidentially be run. As much as there are methods that are used by different people, it is good to define your needs in order to know what may be best for you. It is also good to go through the different reviews so as to know why exactly you would choose what you want to choose.

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Car Safety Precautions Every Parent Should Take

Having a car accident is bad but having a child get injured in an accident is the absolute worst.  It is important for all parents to be extremely serious when it comes to road safety.  But this is easier said than done when you are trying to keep a busy toddler happy and safe inside the small crammed in space of a car.

Here are a few great car safety precautions every parent should take or adopt into everyday life:

Car Safety Precautions Every Parent Should Take
Car Safety Precautions Every Parent Should Take

Get Auto Insurance

Car insurance won’t keep you from making accidents but it does give you a good way to recover from a terrible accident a lot easier.  Auto insurance is the one thing everyone absolutely should have, even if it simply means that you can buy a safer car to protect your kids in the future.  On Alliance 321 you can check out the best car insurance quotes in Florida from all local companies and find the best solutions at the most affordable rates.

Implement the Safety Belt Law

Wearing a safety belt is the law and as such, it should definitely be one of your most important rules in the car.  No safety belt or car seat means no driving even if you are only taking a short drive to the store.  If kids are taught to wear safety belts or use car seats right from the start it becomes second nature to them.

Find Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

Crying in a car can be terribly distracting and even downright dangerous when there isn’t a second adult present to calm a child down.  The more a child cries and screams in a car seat the more frustrating the drive becomes and the harder it is to keep your attention on the road.  One of the very first things you should be doing as a parent is to try to find some way to keep a baby or toddler entertained on car drives. Invest in toys, bright window coverings, mirrors or even a DVD player so your child won’t battle to get out of the car seat every time you take a drive.

Learn About the Safest Car Seats

Infants to small children should be firmly secured in a rear-facing car seat at all times.  Older children should be secured with a booster seat and a specially designed safety belt harness to keep them safe and kids under the age of 12 should never be allowed to sit on the front seat because the airbags in a vehicle are dangerous to small children.  Learn these basics and adapt as your child grows.

Mind Your Foods

It is incredibly important to provide choke free foods when you are driving. Children can choke so easily and it can be tough to find a safe place to suddenly park when a child chokes.  Avoid foods that pose a choking hazard such as round hard candies, grapes, and large pieces.

Get a Mirror for Rear-Facing Seats

One of the toughest things about driving alone with a small child is to see how they are doing while they sleep or cry.  Small children should be secured in a rear-facing position which makes it impossible for you to see your child in the mirror.  Install a mirror on the back seat in a position that allows you to see your child’s face as you drive.  This makes it much easier to see when a small child is choking, breathing well and sleeping in a good position.

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